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Hunger Mountain Coop

623 Stone Cutters Way

Montpelier, Vermont 05602

Phone: 802.223.8000

Fax: 802.223.0297


Drop us a line if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to provide us with your feedback. You can access our phone directory by calling The Coop at the number above, or use our handy form below to contact us by email. Some frequently used phone extensions are provided here for your convenience:


Kari Bradley, General Manager   219
Kevin O'Donnell, Operations Manager  205
Tim Wingate, Finance Manager   221
Phoebe MacPhail, Human Resources  215
Mary Mullally, Facilities Manager  244
Sonia Keene, Front End Manager  225
Stephani Kononan, Community Relations Manager   217
Krystal Fuller, Member-Owner Services Coordinator  202
Leo Ormiston, Grocery Manager  256
Pat Luce, Beer and Wine Buyer
Chef Doug Barg, Prepared Foods Manager
Bibi Usman, Cheese Buyer
Robert Kirigin, Produce Manager/Buyer
Michael Nadeau. Wellness Buyer
Laura Furber, Wellness Manager


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