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Mission Statement


Ends Policies

The Coop Council governs by a system of policy setting and monitoring. The Ends policies state The Coop’s purpose; they define what the organization must achieve in order to be successful. The Council reviews its policies according to an annual calendar. It also monitors compliance with its policies on an annual cycle, mainly through reports prepared by the General Manager.

More specifically, we will have:

  • A cooperatively owned retail outlet for natural and organic food-based goods and services that meet our Members’ and customers’ needs.
  • A community increasingly educated about food and health and considerate of the impacts of its purchases.
  • Local ownership and control of a comprehensive, sustainable food economy.
  • Financially sustainable operations that support and yield economic, social and environmental returns.

Buying Policies

Our buyers are responsible for what is available on the shelves of Hunger Mountain Co-op. Our staff puts a tremendous amount of time and energy into researching and sourcing products. When evaluating products, we consider a variety of factors including nutrition, taste, quality, value, environmental sustainability, and sourcing. Learn more about our Buying Policies here.