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A foray into Hunger Mountain Coop’s Bulk Department will make an avid food explorer and adventurer out of you! You’ll find tempting new worlds in our tasty granolas and other cereals… Be fascinated by our impressive population of nuts, grains, legumes, and baking supplies… Seduced by dried papaya, mango, bananas, cranberries, raisins, dates and more… Inspired as you wander through the shelves of fragrant herbs and spices… Delighted by the candies and other treats, the coffee and tea… You’ll want to fill your reusable containers with discoveries over and over - we offer over 300 bulk items, more than half of which are organic!


Buying in bulk is easy on your wallet – when you buy in bulk you have the choice to purchase as little or as much as you need, which is great for recipes and stretching your food budget.


Buying in bulk is also easy on the environment – packaging contributes to higher food costs and is one the largest sources of solid waste in our country. By using your own containers in the Bulk Department, you are reducing post-consumer waste and your shopping bills!


Are you new to the world of bulk? No problem. We are here to help you find what you need and strive to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Feel free to ask a staff member any and all of your questions, and if you would like a tour of the department and all the money-saving wonders it offers – just let us know!

Tips for Shopping Bulk

  • Grab a paper bag and write the PLU number of the product you’d like on a piece of tape to seal the bag, or write the PLU number directly on the bag. If you choose to use a plastic bag, write the PLU number on the twist tie. Recording the PLU number of a bulk product helps the cashier ring you up quickly.
  • We encourage shoppers to bring their own empty jars or containers to fill with bulk items. Just be sure to weigh your container on the scale in the Bulk Department and record the starting weight prior to filling it. This way you won’t be charged for the weight of your container at the register.
  • Please use a separate bag for each item (even those that are the same price).
  • Spills are inevitable – just let one of our staff know if it happens.

The Case of the Mystery Bulk Item
We have all found bags of unidentifiable spices in our cupboards, or found ourselves asking what that unfamiliar bag of grain was that we picked up from the Bulk Department last week. Have no fear - just look at the number you wrote down from the bulk bin (also known as the PLU number) and enter it into the search field below to solve the mystery!
Find a Bulk Item or Herb by PLU!