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Shopping for food can become a lackluster necessity for many. Hunting for items in vast, featureless chain grocery stores can drain the energy out of even the most confident, seasoned shopper. We can say without hesitation that you won’t have that experience here – grocery shopping at Hunger Mountain Coop is meant to delight!

Our shelves define the word “abundance.” We offer a wide variety of local and natural products that are free from artificial ingredients and preservatives, as well as familiar favorites. Not only do we carry just about any item you could possibly want or need, if we don’t have it, our knowledgeable Grocery staff will find it and order it for you - that’s our specialty! Having trouble finding a certain item? Want to learn more about how to use a product? Looking for alternatives to suit your dietary preferences? Our friendly staff is ready to help you find what you need to make your experience most enjoyable.

Don’t miss the opportunity to check out our fantastic Bulk Department where you can buy as much or as little as you like!

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Clear your shelves, empty your freezers, and get ready to save! Our Spring Truckload Sale is happening Friday, June 2 - Sunday, June 4. 

What is a truckload sale? Our Co-op purchases many of our popular products in large, "truckload" quantities. These savings are passed onto our shoppers during a three-day case lot sale under a tent in our parking lot. 

This semiannual community event is an opportunity for all shoppers to purchase by the caseload to save up to 65% on high-quality natural, organic, and local products. 


Stock up on essentials including Annie’s Shells and White Cheddar and Annie's Shells and Real Cheese (save 65%), Bonne Maman Preserves (save 46%), San Remo Organic Olive Oil (save 51%), Tonnino Tuna (save 58%), Muir Glen Regular and Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes (save 58%)! Check out our order form for the full product list.







In addition to the nearly 60 products available under the Truckload Sale tent, don't miss the great sales happening inside the Co-op all weekend --  Bota Box wine, Cascadian Farm organic frozen blueberries and garden peas, Brown Cow cream top maple yogurt and more! New this year, 5% discount for everyone on in-store bulk food and produce purchases!




All are welcome to shop the Co-op's Truckload Sale. However, supplies are limited so plan on shopping early. 



Volunteer at the Truckload Sale

Can you help out with our Truckload Sale? We are looking for member-owners to volunteer in exchange for a shopping discount! Learn more here.






















Tucked into Vermont’s Champlain Valley, Kimball Brook Farm is home to a herd of over 200 Jerseys and Holsteins that is responsible for a complete, nutritious health food: Vermont organic milk!


JD and Cheryl began transitioning the 220-cow farm to an organic dairy in 2003. Kimball Brook Farm became one of the largest certified-organic dairy operations in the state of Vermont. The first shipment of organic milk was in September 2005. 


In 2010, they began the process of opening their own creamery. During this time, they received the Vermont Dairy Farm of the Year award in June 2011. Their dreams of opening a creamery became a reality on May 17, 2012 — that was the official opening of Green Mountain Organic Creamery, located in Hinesburg (in the former Saputo cheese plant).


Our herd consists of Holsteins, Jerseys and Jersey/Holstein crosses. During the growing season, our cows and heifers (teenagers) graze on the lush grass our pastures provide. Our milkers also get some mixed legumes and grains at the barn to provide them with the energy they need to maintain a healthy body condition so that they can make our great organic milk. 


At Kimball Brook Farm, it is our belief that organic farming is not only better food for us but also for our herd and the environment. Part of what makes Vermont so special is its beautiful landscape. By farming organically, we preserve the farmland that our cows graze on and the land that produces the hay that feeds our cows all winter. We believe that by maintaining the health of the land and the health of the cows, we can provide our consumers with fantastic organic milk free of growth hormones, GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics.


Kimball Brook Farm’s organic milks, creams, and teas are premium products kept close to the land. By staying local and organic, we bring to our customers healthful and delicious dairy and tea that supports good nutrition, respects the environment, and promotes the well-being of our herd.


The Creamery staff are proud to assemble, bottle, and package all of the Kimball Brook Farm products, including whole milk, half-and-half milks, skim milk, creams, half-and-half, chocolate milk, maple milk, iced cappuccino in mocha and coffee flavors, cultured butter, and buttermilk. We also brew and bottle organic iced teas, (black sweet and unsweetened teas, and green sweet and unsweetened teas), brewed from a local pristine water sourced from Stockbridge, Vermont. 


Our products can be found locally at Hunger Mountain Co-op and many grocers throughout New England, New York, and parts of the southern East Coast. Local stores can be found on our website,, by viewing the “Find Us” page.
























By Nurbu Sherpa, owner Sherpa Foods

Sherpa Foods, in South Burlington, is a Vermont-based, small, family food-supply business that produces and supplies authentic traditional Nepalese foods to different co-ops, health-food stores, and supermarkets. Sherpa Foods was founded in 2014 by Nurbu Sherpa and his family, with the mission of bringing an authentic, delicious Nepalese delicacy to their customers — a delicacy that is made locally and with fresh and natural ingredients. 

If you ask any Nepalese what their favorite food is, chances are they will sa, “MOMO” (Nepalese dumplings) without any hesitation. Just how popular are momos in Nepal? Let’s put it this way, there are more momo shops in Kathmandu, Nepal, than Starbucks and McDonald’s combined in New York City. You get the point. Basically, momos are the unofficial national food of Nepal — even more so within the Sherpa communities in particular.  


Momos are the Nepalese version of dumplings. They are thickly wrapped in flour dough and stuffed with flavorful fillings of minced meats and vegetables, and served steamed or fried. They are a comfort food made during special gatherings for guests.

Sherpas are known for their climbing skills, warm hospitality, rich culture, and delicious momos. Momos are more than just food for Sherpas; they are a symbol of camaraderie and of coming together as a family and community, and they are an expression of love and appreciation toward each other while sharing a healthy and flavorful dish. Momos are one of the most popular items on the menu at Nepalese parties and gatherings. People who have not seen each other in months come together to share stories and catch up with each other while making momos. Momos can be made with different fillings such as beef, vegetables, chicken, etc. The most popular momos are beef and vegetable. 


Momos are served with sauce, and there are a number of varieties: tomato based, sesame seed based, etc. Our sauces are handmade tomato based with Nepalese curry powder and other ingredients that give the Himalayan-style spicy taste without overpowering the flavor. We currently sell mild, hot and sesame-flavored sauce. 


Our family is delighted to be sharing our special foods with you, and we thank you for trying our momos and sauces. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them. 


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