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Meat and Seafood


At The Coop, we take pride in supporting local farmers, so we are proud to bring you locally grown and raised poultry, beef, lamb, pork and other specialty items. Many of our meats come from free range, pastured or grass-fed sources that are raised without growth hormones, antibiotics or medicated feed. All of our fresh beef is raised in Vermont, with two grass fed options, an Organic option, and a GMO-free grain finished option.

Fresh fish deliveries arrive on Tuesdays and Fridays. Besides offering high-quality fresh fish choices, our Seafood Buying Policies address environmental concerns by avoiding overfished species and seafood from endangered ecosystems. The informational signs in the seafood section of our Meat and Seafood Department include Monterey Bay Aquarium color indicators that inform our shoppers about sustainability issues related to fish consumption, and our Seafood Buying Guide offers additional information and preparation suggestions. Special Orders for fresh whole fish, lobsters and shellfish are available by contacting our Meat and Fish Department at 802-223-8000 ext. 204 or by email here.


KidSafe Seafood Highlights the connections between ocean and human health to promote a better understanding of what species and which quantities of seafood are best for children to eat.
Seafood Watch — Great visual and textual descriptions of catch methods, preeminent source for sustainable seafood information from Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Meat and Seafood Delivery Spring Schedule


Misty Knoll Farm Chicken from New Haven Vermont


Seafood from various New England Seafood Distributors


North Hollow Farm Grass-fed beef from Rochester Vermont
Tangletown Farm Pastured Chicken from West Glover Vermont


Provisions International assorted specialty items from Applegate farms, North Country Smokehouse, D’artagnan, and charcuterie items
Greenfield Highland Beef 100% Ground Beef from Plainfield and Greensboro Vermont
Maple Lane Farm Organic beef from Cabot Vermont
Misty Knoll Farm Chicken and Turkey from New Haven Vermont


Boyden Farms Beef GMO-free Grain Finished Beef from Cambridge Vermont
Seafood from various New England Seafood Distributors
Vermont Salumi fresh Pork cuts and sausages from Plainfield Vermont
Sugar Mountain Farm Pastured pork from Topsham Vermont


Vermont Smoke and Cure/5 Knives frozen Vermont made Bacon and Sausages
As Needed and Available Basis
Shepherd’s Crook Farm Soay, Heritage Breed Lamb from West Charleston Vermont

*Delivery days are subject to change during holidays and to accommodate vendor needs.