March's Featured Vendor - 

Foley Brothers Brewing


Written by The Foley Brothers 

When you are driving along Route 73, the Brandon Mountain Road will take you through the National Forest and up and over one of the several gap roads in the state of Vermont. Just off this route, you may stumble across our small, family-run business.


Located along the Neshobe River, 79 Stone Mill Dam Road is home to a four-room bed and breakfast, a small boutique winery, and a nanobrewery that goes by the name of Foley Brothers Brewing.


We quietly brew about 15 to 21 barrels of beer every week, utilizing both Old and New World techniques. We like to use gravity when we can, and when we are moving beer along, we do so as gently as possible, from boil to bottle. We stir our own pots and hand bottle, cap and label each and every ounce that goes out. In doing this, we get three to four quality checks, for example minor issues concerning a label being a little askew, or a cap that didn’t seal just right. These few bottles then move to the  “sample” box, for family and friends to consume! 


We bottle at least eighty percent of beer produced, the rest goes into logs and kegs for the tasting room and g.housen, our distributor. We have been partnering with g.housen for almost two years now, and their capability to service accounts all across the state has helped us continue to grow in this very competitive Vermont market.


For the last nine months, we have been big into fine-tuning our hoppy pale ales. Up at the brewery our focus is on freshness, and our goal is to finish our product at a pace which guarantees that the consumer gets our beer when it is as fresh as humanly possible.


Hunger Mountain Coop has been a supporter of Foley Brothers Brewing before we even had beer to sell! The support that The Coop feeds to small businesses like us is exactly what helps us thrive. 


Thank you,


The Foley Bros