Our Co-op, along with 15 other Montpelier merchants, is supporting the Montpelier Food Pantry through the Bag that Bag program. Every reusable bag, basket, or box used at the Co-op equals a nickel donation to the Montpelier Food Pantry. 


Co-op shoppers have collectively raised over $5,000! Help us reach our $12,000 goal by bringing a reusable bag every time you shop. Together we can make a difference for our environment and community.


















Supporting the Montpelier Food Pantry

by Jaime Bedard, Executive Director 

Montpelier Food Pantry is a local emergency food supplier for nearly 4,000 central-Vermonters. The food pantry meets our community’s basic needs by providing free, nutrient-dense food to individuals, families, and senior citizens. Last year, the food pantry provided 72,000 meals worth of food to 1,530 households in Montpelier, East Montpelier, Calais, Middlesex, Berlin, Worcester, and Adamant.  


Montpelier Food Pantry is part of Just Basics, which is also the 501(c)(3) parent organization for FEAST (the senior meal program formally known as Montpelier Home Delivery Program on Wheels) and Summer Meals for Kids. Just Basics administers these three programs with the mission of addressing the basic food and nutritional needs of our community’s most vulnerable citizens. With the strength of the shared structure, these programs are working together to meet the ever-changing needs of our community and confronting root causes of poverty.


In correlation with the Vermont Foodbank’s recent report that one in four Vermonters are food insecure, the Montpelier Food Pantry has seen a 20 percent increase in need within our community. Unfortunately, this increase of more clients at the food shelf has been coupled with a recent decline in donations.  


Here are the ways you can get help: 

- Bring a reusable bag next time you shop at Hunger Mountain Co-op (and other participating Bag that Bag Montpelier merchants) and .05 will be donated to Montpelier Food Pantry. 


- Volunteer time at the Montpelier Food Pantry. 

o Member-Owners are eligible to receive a shopping discount at the Co-op in exchange for volunteering.


- Plan a food drive/drop off a donation. High-need items include
o Canned beans 
o Canned meats  
o Canned stew, pasta, and chili
o Canned tomato products 
o Canned vegetables  
o Dried beans 
o Dried or canned fruit
o Dried or instant cereal
o Dried pasta 
o Dried rice
o Jelly
o Macaroni and cheese 
o Peanut butter
o Soup, broth, and stock 


- Make a financial donation. 

The Montpelier Food Pantry is located within the Trinity Church, at 137 Main Street in Montpelier. Hours of operation are Tuesday 10–12am, Wednesday 10–11am and 5–6pm, Thursday 10–11am, and Friday 10–11am.