By Nurbu Sherpa, owner Sherpa Foods

Sherpa Foods, in South Burlington, is a Vermont-based, small, family food-supply business that produces and supplies authentic traditional Nepalese foods to different co-ops, health-food stores, and supermarkets. Sherpa Foods was founded in 2014 by Nurbu Sherpa and his family, with the mission of bringing an authentic, delicious Nepalese delicacy to their customers — a delicacy that is made locally and with fresh and natural ingredients. 

If you ask any Nepalese what their favorite food is, chances are they will sa, “MOMO” (Nepalese dumplings) without any hesitation. Just how popular are momos in Nepal? Let’s put it this way, there are more momo shops in Kathmandu, Nepal, than Starbucks and McDonald’s combined in New York City. You get the point. Basically, momos are the unofficial national food of Nepal — even more so within the Sherpa communities in particular.  


Momos are the Nepalese version of dumplings. They are thickly wrapped in flour dough and stuffed with flavorful fillings of minced meats and vegetables, and served steamed or fried. They are a comfort food made during special gatherings for guests.

Sherpas are known for their climbing skills, warm hospitality, rich culture, and delicious momos. Momos are more than just food for Sherpas; they are a symbol of camaraderie and of coming together as a family and community, and they are an expression of love and appreciation toward each other while sharing a healthy and flavorful dish. Momos are one of the most popular items on the menu at Nepalese parties and gatherings. People who have not seen each other in months come together to share stories and catch up with each other while making momos. Momos can be made with different fillings such as beef, vegetables, chicken, etc. The most popular momos are beef and vegetable. 


Momos are served with sauce, and there are a number of varieties: tomato based, sesame seed based, etc. Our sauces are handmade tomato based with Nepalese curry powder and other ingredients that give the Himalayan-style spicy taste without overpowering the flavor. We currently sell mild, hot and sesame-flavored sauce. 


Our family is delighted to be sharing our special foods with you, and we thank you for trying our momos and sauces. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them. 


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