Our community extends well beyond the walls of the Co-op. Each month we shine the spotlight on a new group of local partners to help share their stories and celebrate their role in our community.

Featured Co-op Vendor

Our Co-op works with over 500 local vendors and has more than 3,000 local products on our shelves. Last year, nearly 40% of our sales were from local products.

This month we are featuring local vendor Lake Champlain Chocolates, a multi-generational, family business, making gourmet chocolates the Vermont way—infusing passion and craftsmanship with fresh cream from the local dairy, honey straight from the hive, and maple syrup from our next-door neighbor. Sourcing only the highest quality non-GMO, organic, and fair trade certified ingredients, whenever possible and never adding preservatives, extenders, or additives. Because exceptional flavor starts with extraordinary ingredients – and Vermont is the place to find them. Read the rest of the story here.


Artisan Cheesemakers

In collaboration with Provisions International, New England Cheesemakers, and the Neighboring Food Co-op Association, we highlight two regional artisanal cheese producers each month.


Vermont Artisanal Gouda is from Shadagee Farm in Craftsbury Common, Vermont. Vermont Artisan Gouda is made from the raw farmstead cow milk of Shadagee Farm's herd. The rind is natural with a light paracoat and the flavor is creamy, smooth and mild - a real labor of love. The cheese is wonderful as a table cheese, in sandwiches and with fruit. Here are some fall recipes that use Vermont Artisan Gouda in ways that highlight its mild sweet qualities.

Marjorie Urie and family live and work on their Shadagee Farmstead in Craftsbury Common. Brett and Marjorie took over the family farm in 2001 after 12 years farming with Brett's parents. In 2009 they built a state of the art dairy facility and the way was paved for Marjorie to realize her dreams of turning their beautiful milk into beautiful cheese. And beautiful cheese it is!


Oh My Heart, from Lazy Lady Farm in Westfield, Vermont is a small, soft, fatty, buttery disk made from cow milk and cow cream. A double cream bloomy rind that is luscious and addictive, Oh My Heart is the perfect cheese with which to lure the affections of your one true love.

Laini Fondiller started Lazy Lady in 1987 and it is as 
eclectic and unique as Laini herself. While not certified organic, the farm operates using organic practices: organic grains, organic straw for bedding, intensive rotational grazing, and fertile soils made from composted manure and the added minerals for hay production. Laini operates the farm by utilizing 17 solar panels and a 1K-wind generator. When there is no wind or sun, Lazy Lady relies on a small generator to replenish the battery bank. Laini operates lazy Lady Farm with Barry Shaw. They employ 2 full time workers and 1 part time person who comes 2 days per week to clean the barn, and to pet the goats and the dog. Laini walks the goats in the woods, weather permitting, to ensure they eat their fair share of herbs and woodland plants. They are sincerely and lovingly cared for, each and every one. She calls them her ‘working girls’ and they are anything but lazy!

These cheeses are on sale during their featured month! Check out the deals here.

Give Change By Rounding Up

Anytime you check-out at the Co-op, you can choose to "give change" by rounding up your total to the nearest dollar. During February, your change will benefit Prevent Child Abuse Vermont. PCAVT promotes and supports healthy relationships within families, schools, and communities to eliminate child abuse.

Featured Artist

The Art in the Café program supports and cultivates the local arts by displaying the work of the members and staff artists in the Co-op's café. Our family-friendly, month-long exhibits create a pleasant dining experience for customers. This month we are featuring Jane English. Learn more about our featured artist here.

Community Events

We offer a variety of workshops, events, and vendor demos to delight and inform our shoppers. Thank you to everyone who attended our Food & Wellness Fair. You can see photos from the event here. View our calendar for upcoming events here.