Any and all member-owners are encouraged to run for the Co-op council. Co-op council members are actively involved in shaping the direction of our co-op. As a council member, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Co-op while offering your leadership skills and focusing on long-range, big picture ideas. You’ll work with other talented and energetic individuals and be able to make a lasting contribution to Hunger Mountain Co-op. Council members (and their partners) also receive a 10% discount off most Co-op purchases. Not sure whether it's right for you? Read more here and check out an upcoming Council meeting




How to run for the Co-op council

Council members are elected to three-year terms. Any member-owner in good standing can run for the Co-op council, and all member-owners are encouraged to run. In the case of a midyear opening, the council may appoint a member-owner to serve until the next election. Officers (President, Vice President, etc) are elected at the first regular council meeting. 

• Make sure you are a member-owner in good standing (up-to-date with your equity payments).

• Download the Council Election Application and the Council Candidate Information Guide or pick them up in the exit way of the Co-op. Submit everything via email to member-owner services by Sunday, September 3 at 8pm. Your information will be included in our Annual Meeting communications. Member-owners will cast their ballots starting in October, and the winners will be announced after the Annual Meeting, which is being held on Thurs., Nov. 2.



Council Candidate Checklist

In an effort to better educate new candidates about the council, we have created a list of optional activities for you to participate in. • Attend a council information session and learn more about what it's like to serve on the Co-op council.; • Read the Council Candidate Information Guide, also available in the exit way of the Co-op.
• Create a short video containing an elevator pitch on why you are running and what you can contribute. YouTube video link preferred.
• Review a recent council packet
• Talk with a current council member
• Attended a council meeting prior to election. The next scheduled meeting is August 28 at 5:30 pm in our community room.


Getting started

Council Candidate Information Guide Council Election Application Learn about your Co-op council event
Contact a current Co-op council member
Co-op council resources page
Email the Co-op council
Review the Cooperative Principles