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Hunger Mountain Coop Buying Policies

Hunger Mountain Coop emphasizes natural foods and products that support the health of our customers and community. The Coop considers the environmental impacts of the production, distribution and use of its products.

Hunger Mountain Coop offers Member-Owners and customers products and information that promote personal health, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Our buying decisions are informed by the principles set forth in our Mission Statement. In general, we want to carry a wide variety of high quality products that are wholesome, produced in an environmentally sound and socially conscious manner, and available at a fair price.By carrying these products we are able to support local producers and help build a sustainable food distribution system. In our buying decisions we therefore give preference to products that are:

• Grown and produced by local or regional vendors
• Grown and produced organically
• Produced without genetically modified organisms or hormones
• Certified fair trade and/or produced by cooperatives
• Packaged with minimal, recycled and/or recyclable packaging
• Humanely raised in the case of meat, eggs, and dairy products

We act as a buying agent for our Member-Owners. Each buying decision requires the consideration of our criteria and the values of our cooperative. We continuously adapt and improve our product mix based on our Member-Owners' needs and the evolving natural foods industry and local food supply. To that end, we actively strive to keep up with and share information concerning the health, sustainability, economic and environmental impact of the products The Coop carries – so as to enable our shoppers to make informed decisions about the products they choose to buy. Additionally, customer requests are continuously reviewed and considered.

Glossary of Terms

These are the generally agreed upon definitions for terms presented in our Buying Policies:

Local: Anything grown or value-added within the state of Vermont or within 100 miles of The Coop.

Organic: A system of agriculture designed to be environmentally sustainable – products are grown and processed without synthetic chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers.

Certified Organic: Products that are grown and processed according to the Department of Agriculture’s organic standards and monitored by independent certifying agents.

Genetically Modified Organisms: Organisms that are produced by isolating and splicing a gene from one living creature onto the DNA of another plant or animal.

Fair Trade: The practice of ensuring that producers work in safe conditions, are paid fair wages and are mindful of the environment.

All Natural: Products that contain no artificial ingredients.

Humanely Raised: Living conditions that allow animals to access to the outdoors and discourages caging, force feeding, and inhumane living conditions.

Have questions about specific products or ingredients? Contact our Buyers by choosing a category on the Contact Us menu.