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Shopping Local at The Co-op 

Strengthen Your Local Economy

Buying local food keeps your dollars circulating within your community. Food Co-ops have a higher local economic multiplier than conventional grocery stores. Every $1.00 spent at our Co-op generates $1.63 in economic activity for our community.

Last year, Hunger Mountain Co-op had $9.7 million in local product sales (up 17% from the year prior), spent $9 million on goods and services purchased from 502 Vermont vendors, and awarded nearly $40,000 in sponsorships and donations.

Support Endangered Family Farms

Each local food purchase strengthens our local food system. Vermont lost nearly 90% of its remaining farmland between the 1950's and today. Buying local food helps to make farming more profitable, and selling farmland for development less attractive.



Safeguard Your Family's Health

Knowing where your food comes from enables you to choose food from farmers and vendors whom you trust.



Consider the Environment

On average, food items travel 1,500 miles before arriving at your table. Local food doesn't have to as travel far, plus it often tastes better than food shipped long distances. 

What Can You Do?  

  • Buy locally grown and locally made products at your local co-op.

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