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Selling Local at The Coop

What is Local?

Hunger Mountain Coop defines local as anything grown or value-added in the state of Vermont or within 100 miles of The Coop. Value-added refers to the enhancement of a product by a company before the product is offered to customers. Local products are not just something we stock on our shelves. Local is our Mission.

Hunger Mountain Coop Supports Local 

  • The Coop carries more than 2,000 local products from Vermont and our neighbors in New Hampshire, Maine, New York and Canada
  • The Coop’s local sales grew to $7.3 million in FY14.  
  • Also in FY14, The Coop paid out almost $7.4 million in exchange for goods and services from Vermont vendors. 

Becoming a Vendor at Hunger Mountain Coop

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor at The Coop, please contact the appropriate staff member listed below. We’re always looking to bring in more local products. We carefully evaluate all potential products based on the following criteria: quality, quantity, ingredients, labeling, price, packaging, availability, potential “fit” into our product mix, and distribution.

List of Buyers


Robert Kirigin

Produce Manager and Buyer

802.223.8000 ext. 211



Mary Foster

Grocery Buyer

802.223.8000 ext. 311



Laura Furber

Wellness Buyer

802.223.8000 ext. 226


Bakery, Frozen and 

Refrigerated Groceries

Leo Ormiston

Grocery Manager

802.223.8000 ext. 203



Doug Barg

Kitchen Manager

802.223.8000 ext. 232



Michael White or

Terry Barber 

Bulk Buyers

802.223.8000 ext. 216


Meat and Seafood

Nick Sivret

Meat/Fish Buyer

802.223.8000 ext. 204



Bibi Usman

Cheese Buyer

802.223.8000 ext. 209



Anna Yovu

Wine Buyer

802.223.8000 ext. 235



Patrick Luce

Beer Buyer

802.223.8000 ext. 243

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