The Manghis’ Bread 

Elaine and Paul Manghi founded The Manghis’ Bread. The business began in their North Randolph home, and its aim was to provide healthy, home-style breads at an affordable price for local families. The business then moved to Montpelier in 1980. 

After a start at the Christ Church kitchen and a small commercial building behind Capitol Copy, the business found a comfortable home in the Victorian Prentiss House, which is located behind Kellogg Hubbard Library. The foundation of the business is to provide wholesome breads, breakfast sweets, and seasonal holiday items at an affordable price for local families. Elaine and Paul began the bakery to feed people a wholesome Vermont product, but to also feed themselves, to provide a service to the community they have loved, and do a job that they love. For Elaine and Paul, family and the ability to spend quality time with family was a key factor. The business model allowed them to attain this.

The bakery is primarily a wholesale operation, selling anywhere from 1,800-2,500 loaves to roughly 45 Vermont businesses each week. The business strives to use a volunteer delivery program to ship product. There are roughly 125 incredibly valuable volunteer delivery drivers that take boxes of bread with them (and their carpool) daily, to a local business in the town in which they live. This system allows Manghis' to keep prices down and keep a delivery vehicle off the road!  

Manghis' is also open for retail sales! There is no formal shopping area, but the familiar staff assists customers with purchases out of the converted house. There is a following with local families, and that’s not just the adults! Children frequent the bakery three times a day – they come before school, from story hour, and after school, in order to get snack. Manghis’ sells cinnamon buns and rolls, lots and lots of rolls! Sometimes Manghis' sees over 30 children a day!  

From 1980 until 2010 Elaine and Paul were the constant faces of the bakery. They arrived at 6:30am and kept the bakery going strong until around 1pm. In February 2010, Paul Manghi passed away unexpectedly. The dedicated staff rallied and kept the bakery running smoothly! Maria Manghi-Stoufer was already working with her parents at this time, but with Paul's absence it was necessary to call in more help. Maria's husband, Steve Stoufer, left NECI and joined the bakery in mid-2010. Elaine, Maria, and Steve have been relearning the ropes together!

Elaine Manghi retired from day to day operations on May 2nd, 2014. She now enjoys a rich and full life with family and friends – gardening, riding her bike, splitting wood, and playing with grandchildren... Elaine’s daughter Maria and son-in-law Steve continue to run Manghis’ Bread, which is now a second-generation operation! They have enjoyed a smooth transition, as the business heads into its 35th year of operation. 

Whether you enjoy the regular loaf of white bread or the extra special Bourbon Cakes, you will find that Manghis’ is a warm and welcoming Montpelier establishment. They offer a special mix of homemade treats and good character. It is a joy to have so many members of our community be part of such a wonderful operation! We all look forward to many generations to come.