In early 2016, our Co-op launched Art in the Café with the goal of supporting the local arts by showcasing member and staff artists and creating a pleasant dining experience for café customers. 


February's featured local artist is Alejandro Angio. 

Alejandro Angio specializes in creating Chinese Brush paintings - also known as “Sumi-e” in Japan – some of which are mounted on brocade silk scrolls. His paintings are made on the ancient technique of ink painting on rice paper (Xuan paper). All the materials are hand made traditional paper Chinese brushes and pigments.



Interested in being one of our featured local artists? The Art in the Café program is open to all current Member-Owners and staff. Applications are available here or at the Customer Service Desk. 


Artists will be selected on a first-come, first, serve basis. Questions? Please contact Jessica Knapp at 802.223.8000 x241 or through email here.


January's Featured Artist: M. Kelley Hunter



December's Featured Artist: John Colby Allin

December's Featured Artist: Sheana Benoit



October's Featured Artist: Bettina Desrochers



September's Featured Artist: Jenny Belotserkovsky



August's Featured Artist: Jim Eaton


July's Featured Artist: Alexandria Heather


June's Featured Artist: Eleanor Ott 


April's Featured Artist: Ethan Hubbard


March's Featured Artist: John Snell


February's Feature Artist: Monica DiGiovanni


January's Featured Local Artist: Torrey Carroll Smith 


January's Featured Artist is Torrey Carroll Smith.
January's Featured Artist is Torrey Carroll Smith.