In early 2016, our Co-op launched Art in the Café with the goal of supporting the local arts by showcasing member and staff artists and creating a pleasant dining experience for café customers. 




June's featured local artist: Brian Klocke

Local artist and Co-op member labor participant, Brian Klocke, captures the inspiring beauty of wildlife, flora, and natural landscapes of Vermont, Colorado, New York, Florida, and Hawaii. He has several years of experience as a professional journalist, and has done several gallery showings in Colorado. A broader range of his photography can be seen at

Interested in being one of our featured local artists? The Art in the Café program is open to all current member-owners and staff. Applications are available here or at the customer service desk. 


Artists will be selected on a first-come, first, serve basis. Questions? Please contact Robyn Peirce at 802.262.3242 or through email here.



May's Featured Artist: Garrett Heaney  



April's Featured Artists: Renée Barry, Brenda Brigham, Garret Heaney, 

Jenn Jacques, Robyn Joy, Jess Knapp, Melissa Pelkey, and Tim Wingate



March's Featured Artist: Stephen Pientka  



February's Featured Artist: Alejandro Angio  



January's Featured Artist: M. Kelley Hunter



December's Featured Artist: John Colby Allin

December's Featured Artist: Sheana Benoit



October's Featured Artist: Bettina Desrochers



September's Featured Artist: Jenny Belotserkovsky



August's Featured Artist: Jim Eaton


July's Featured Artist: Alexandria Heather


June's Featured Artist: Eleanor Ott 


April's Featured Artist: Ethan Hubbard


March's Featured Artist: John Snell


February's Feature Artist: Monica DiGiovanni


January's Featured Local Artist: Torrey Carroll Smith 


January's Featured Artist is Torrey Carroll Smith.
January's Featured Artist is Torrey Carroll Smith.