Artesano produces fine mead and specialty vinegar in an old, restored general store in bucolic Groton, Vermont. We are Mark Simakaski and Nichole Wolfgang, the husband and wife team who founded the business in 2008 and have been making high-quality craft mead ever since. As a small family business, we strive to produce the best products with a commitment to our local agricultural producers and food system while maintaining a sustainable business.

Mead is humankind’s oldest fermented beverage — a wine made from honey. Artesano mead is our modern interpretation of this age-old drink. We take Vermont wildflower honey, mix it with water, and ferment it long and slow, then age it for about a year. It’s at this point that we select each batch for our full range of flavors, from our dry Essence Mead to semisweet Traditional Mead. We also have several varieties of fruit-infused mead, including Blueberry and Blackberry Mead. Our berries come from several local growers. Even our cranberries are grown here in central Vermont! Our Cyser starts with several varieties of Vermont heirloom apples pressed into cider and blended with our honey to create a beautifully balanced quaff. For those who love bubbles, we also offer a line of sparkling mead for festive occasions. Sparkling Cranberry Mead is a very popular addition to holiday gatherings. Rounding out our selection is Poet’s Mead — a robust bourbon oak-barrel-aged mead with a smooth finish. And for those who like it hot, we offer a fun, fresh Chili Cinnamon Mead — perfect for après ski.

Our love of locally produced food has led us to create a range of tasty vinegars over the past two years. We now offer a unique all-honey-based vinegar, cyser vinegar, apple cider vinegar and our new Daily Tonic. Daily Tonic is our version of fire cider, which has a base of honey and vinegar and is infused with a host of spicy and savory organic veggies. Aside from its immune-boosting properties, it’s a great base to use for vinaigrettes, marinades, and even for a Bloody Mary or a dirty martini with a kick. Our vinegar, honey, and tonic are all raw, unfiltered, and probiotic, and they add amazing depth of flavor to any culinary creation you can dream up.

Mead has a long tradition as a harvest drink. The bees have finished collecting their honey, and it’s time for a celebration of the bounty. Artesano mead can be served at the holiday table as an accompaniment to your meal, served alongside some of the amazing cheeses our local farmers make, or all on its own as a digestif.