Our co-op is always balancing its limited resources with the goals of providing healthy food at affordable prices, being a good employer, paying fair prices to our farmers and food producers, and meeting the diverse needs of this membership and community.

In January, we shared with our member-owners that our member discount program was growing faster than other parts of our operations and that if that trend continued, the Co-op would need to make some adjustments. 

We asked for your feedback. We wanted to know your thoughts on the current discounts and what changes if any, you'd like to see. Now we would like to share our report based on your input gathered through our small group discussions, interviews, emails, and Facebook.


Report on Co-op Conversation: Member-Owner Discount Programs

Summary of Member Comments


Next Steps

Our Discount Steering Committee* is now actively working on preparing a draft recommendation for any changes to the Co-op’s member discounts based on these findings. The draft recommendation will be shared with members and staff for feedback before being finalized and passed along to the Co-op’s management team.

*Committee: Members-Owners - Catherine Lowther, Geraldine Vatan, Tyler Strange; Council Members - Alex Brown, Rita Ricketson, Mark Simakaski; Employees - Stephani Kononan, Kari Bradley; Consultant - Michael Levine, Flywheel Communications

The Timeline

• Mid-Jan to mid-Feb: Gathering input from members
• Mid-Feb to late March: Review and compile results, additional research on options

Mid March to late April: Release draft report summarizing what we learned and committee recommendations. Followed by new round of gathering input from members.

• May: Compile new findings, committee reviews and modifies recommendations and sends to Co-op management team for action if required.

• June: Management team determines if and when any changes will be put in place.

Additional Resources 

• Member discount options document

• Co-op Conversations discount survey document

• Member discount programs overview 

• FY16 Impact Report

Hunger Mountain Co-op is a community-owned natural food cooperative. It's the investment and support from our member-owners that makes our Co-op successful. Thank you again for your feedback!