Our co-op is always balancing its limited resources with the goals of providing healthy food at affordable prices, being a good employer, paying fair prices to our farmers and food producers, and meeting the diverse needs of this membership and community.

In January, we shared with our member-owners that our member discount program was growing faster than other parts of our operations and that if that trend continued, the Co-op would need to make some adjustments. 

We asked for feedback on our member-owner discount program and what changes if any, you'd like to see. Now our Discount Advisory Committee* would like to share a draft recommendation based on the input that was gathered.

Draft Recommendation for member-owner discount programs (click to read)


Next Steps

We would like your feedback on the draft recommendation before it is finalized and passed along to the Co-op’s management team. Please join us for one of our community discussions:


Co-op Conversation Small Group Discussion
Wednesday, June 7, noon-1 pm  
Co-op Community Room


Co-op Conversation Small Group Discussion
Thursday, June 15, 5-6 pm

Co-op Community Room

Contact us at info@hungermountain.coop or 262-3202 to sign up.


Other Ways To Join the Conversation

• Take our survey.

• Sign up to be interviewed. Email us if you would like to be interviewed by a committee member or employee by phone.


• Send comments to us via email or drop comments in the suggestion box near the co-op’s exit.


• Call Co-op General Manager Kari Bradley at (802) 262-3219.


The Timeline

• Mid-Jan to mid-Feb: Gathering input from members

• Mid-Feb to late March: Review and compile results, additional research on options

• Late May, early June: Release draft report summarizing what we learned and committee recommendations. Followed by new round of gathering input from members.

• June: Compile new findings, committee reviews and modifies recommendations and sends to Co-op management team for action if required.

• July: Management team determines if and when any changes will be put in place.

Additional Resources 

- Member discount options document

- Co-op Conversations discount survey document

- Member discount programs overview 

- FY16 Impact Report

Report on Co-op Conversation: Member-Owner Discount Programs

Summary of Member Comments


*Committee: Members-Owners - Catherine Lowther, Geraldine Vatan; Council Members - Alex Brown, Rita Ricketson, Mark Simakaski; Employees - Stephani Kononan, Kari Bradley; Consultant - Michael Levine, Flywheel Communications

Hunger Mountain Co-op is a community-owned natural food cooperative. It's the investment and support from our member-owners that makes our Co-op successful. Thank you again for your feedback!