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You're Invited!

The Co-op council meets once a month in our Co-op community room and the meetings are open to all member-owners. The date, time, and place of the council meetings are posted on the Council Information Bulletin Board in the exit way of the Co-op and on our events calendar. We encourage all of our member-owners to get involved in shaping the direction of their Co-op by providing feedback to their elected Co-op council members and by participating in Co-op council meetings - including the Annual Meeting in early November. A current list of council members and their contact information can be found here.


Recent Council Packet

Review the following documents for the Council Election Application


Agenda for June council meeting

May council meeting minutes

2017 member-owner equity growth

General manager report for June

Monitoring report for June

Hunger Mountain Cooperative Community Fund memo

Hunger Mountain Co-op business plan for fiscal year 2018

Co-op bylaw presentation

Voting bylaw proposal



Additional Resources

View the agenda for the next council meeting 

View Hunger Mountain Co-op's Bylaws

Email the council


Audio Recordings 

In addition to the meeting minutes, you can now listen to audio recordings from our council meetings. Just click the date below.


2017.06.26 part one

2017.06.26 part two


2017.06.05 part one
2017.06.05 part two


2017.05.06 part one

2017.05.06 part two


2017.03.06 part one

2017.03.06 part two


2017.02.06 part one

2017.02.06 part two


2017.01.02 part one

2017.01.02 part two


2016.12.05 part one

2016.12.05 part two


2016.11.07 part one

2016.11.07 part two

2016.11.07 part three


2016.10.03 part one

2016.10.03 part two


2016.08.29 part one

2016.08.29 part two 


2017.04.03 part one

2017.04.03 part two




Council Meetings Minutes

 TitleDescriptionModified DateSize 
2017.05.01 Council Minutes2017.05.01 Minutes6/6/2017132.05 KBDownload
2017.04.03 Minutes2017.04.03 Minutes5/2/2017131.89 KBDownload
2017.03.06 Council Minutes2017.03.06 Council Minutes4/4/2017152.19 KBDownload
2017.02.06 Council Minutes2017.02.06 Minutes3/7/2017146.64 KBDownload
2017.01.02 Council Minutes2017.01.02 Minutes2/7/2017138.55 KBDownload
2016.12.05 Minutes2016.12.051/3/2017129.69 KBDownload
2016.11.07 Council Minutes2016.11.07 Council Minutes12/6/2016158.35 KBDownload
Unapproved 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes2016.11.0311/16/2016167.57 KBDownload
2016.10.03 Council Minutes2016.10.03 Minutes11/8/2016153.73 KBDownload
2016.08.29 Council Minutes2016.08.29 10/4/2016111.18 KBDownload
2016.06.27 Council Minutes2016.06.278/30/2016407.08 KBDownload
2016.06.06 Council Minutes2016.06.068/30/2016341.26 KBDownload
2016.05.10 Council Minutes2016.05.10 8/30/2016145.47 KBDownload
2016.05.02 Council Minutes2016.05.02 8/30/2016245.99 KBDownload
2016.04.04 Council Minutes2016.04.048/30/2016171.08 KBDownload
2016.03.07 Council Minutes2016.03.078/30/2016151.77 KBDownload
2016.02.01 Council Minutes2016.02.01 Minutes8/30/2016163.41 KBDownload
2016.01.04 Council Minutes2016.01.048/30/2016330.41 KBDownload
December 2015 Minutes2015.12.07 Minutes1/5/2016159.56 KBDownload
2015 Draft Annual Meeting Minutes- unabridged2015.11.153/22/2016339.50 KBDownload
November 2015 Council Minutes2015.11.0212/8/2015157.17 KBDownload
October 2015 Minutes2015.10.05 Minutes11/3/2015150.43 KBDownload
August 2015 Minutes2015.08.31 Minutes10/6/2015244.49 KBDownload
July 2015 Minutes2015.07.069/1/2015259.62 KBDownload
June 29 2015 Minutes2015.06.299/1/2015319.98 KBDownload
June 2015 Meeting2015.06.016/30/2015316.46 KBDownload
May 2015 Meeting2015.05.046/2/2015203.10 KBDownload
April 2015 Minutes2015.04.065/5/2015318.45 KBDownload
March 2015 Council Minutes2015.03.024/14/2015304.66 KBDownload
February 2015 Minutes2015.02.073/3/2015212.84 KBDownload
January 2015 Council Minutes2015.01.102/28/2015377.32 KBDownload
December 2014 Council Minutes2014.12.011/6/2015226.00 KBDownload
2014 Annual Meeting Minutes Final2014.11.0911/18/2015236.07 KBDownload
October 27 2014 Council Minutes2014.10.27 Minutes12/2/2014337.60 KBDownload
October 6 2014 Minutes2014.10.06 Minutes10/28/2014299.32 KBDownload
September 2014 Minutes2014.09.0810/7/2014251.31 KBDownload
June 30 2014 Council Minutes2014.06.309/9/201448.78 KBDownload
June 2014 Council Minutes2014.06.027/1/2014453.07 KBDownload
May 2014 Minutes 2014.05.056/3/2014340.87 KBDownload
April 2014 Minutes2014.04.075/9/2014252.47 KBDownload
March 2014 Minutes2014.03.104/10/2014396.04 KBDownload
February 2014 Minutes2014.02.033/20/2014244.98 KBDownload
January 2014 Minutes2014.01.052/6/2014251.43 KBDownload
December 2013 Minutes2013.12.021/14/2014161.56 KBDownload
2013 Annual Meeting Minutes2013.11.104/28/2015164.54 KBDownload
November 2013 Minutes2013.11.0412/3/2013199.49 KBDownload
October 2013 Minutes2013.10.0711/5/2013168.51 KBDownload
September 2013 Minutes2013.09.0910/8/2013270.95 KBDownload
July 8 2013 Minutes2013.07.0810/2/201369.28 KBDownload
July 1 2013 MInutes2013.07.0110/2/2013158.05 KBDownload
June 2013 Minutes2013.06.037/2/2013136.83 KBDownload
May 2013 Minutes2013.05.066/5/2013155.42 KBDownload
April 2013 Minutes2013.04.015/8/2013221.93 KBDownload
March 2013 Minutes2013.03.044/2/2013140.94 KBDownload
February 2013 Minutes2013.02.043/5/2013111.94 KBDownload
January 2013 Minutes2013.01.072/6/2013165.45 KBDownload
December 2012 Minutes2012.12.031/8/2013158.63 KBDownload
2012 Annual Meeting Minutes2012.11.044/28/2015199.92 KBDownload
October 29 2012 Minutes2012.10.2912/5/2012106.46 KBDownload
October 1 2012 Minutes 2012.10.0110/30/2012136.20 KBDownload
September 2012 Minutes2012.09.0410/2/2012177.96 KBDownload
July 2012 Minutes2012.07.029/7/2012156.48 KBDownload
June 2012 Minutes2012.06.047/3/201283.75 KBDownload
May 2012 Minutes2012.05.076/5/2012156.21 KBDownload
April 2012 Minutes2012.04.025/11/201285.22 KBDownload
March 2012 Minutes2012.03.124/3/2012143.39 KBDownload
February 2012 Minutes2012.02.063/20/201275.89 KBDownload
January 2012 Minutes2012.01.022/9/2012145.55 KBDownload
December 2011 Minutes2011.12.051/23/201290.82 KBDownload
November 2011 Minutes2011.11.071/23/2012149.85 KBDownload
2011 Annual Meeting Minutes2011.11.064/28/2015125.27 KBDownload
October 2011 Minutes2011.10.031/18/2012243.02 KBDownload
September 2011 Minutes2011.09.0610/31/2011128.46 KBDownload
August 2011 Minutes2011.08.0310/31/20116.67 KBDownload
July 2011 Minutes2011.06.2710/31/2011454.03 KBDownload
June 2011 Minutes2011.06.0610/31/2011247.68 KBDownload
May 2011 Minutes2011.05.0210/31/2011159.71 KBDownload
April 2011 Minutes2011.04.0410/31/201186.18 KBDownload
March 2011 Minutes2011.03.1410/31/2011166.53 KBDownload
February 2011 Minutes2011.02.0710/31/201182.55 KBDownload
January 2011 Minutes2011.01.0310/31/2011271.27 KBDownload