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Any and all member-owners are encouraged to run for the Co-op council. Co-op council members are actively involved in shaping the direction of our co-op. As a council member, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Co-op while offering your leadership skills and focusing on long-range, big picture ideas. You’ll work with other talented and energetic individuals and be able to make a lasting contribution to Hunger Mountain Co-op. Council members (and their partners) also receive a 10% discount off most Co-op purchases. Not sure whether it's right for you? Read more here and check out an upcoming council meeting! They are usually held the first Monday of each month and are listed on our events page. 


How to Run for the Co-op Council

1. Are you a member-owner in good standing (up-to-date with your equity payments)? Great! If not, that is the first thing you'll need to do. 

2. Pick up a Council Election Application at the Co-op or download one here.

3. Join us for a Council information session and learn more about what it's like to serve on the Co-op council. See list of event times here.

4. Fill out all of the requirements on the council election application and submit everything (including your application, statements, photo, and signatures via email if possible) to member-owner services by Sunday, September 3 at 8pm. 

5. Your information will be included in our Annual Meeting communications. Member-owners will cast their ballots starting in October, and the winners will be announced by the end of the Annual Meeting on Thursday, November 2. 
Council members are elected to three-year terms. Any member-owner in good standing can run for the Co-op council, and all member-owners are encouraged to run. In the case of a midyear opening, the council may appoint a member-owner to serve until the next election. Officers (President, Vice President, etc) are elected at the first regular council Meeting. 


Getting Started...

Council Candidate Information Guide

Council Election Application (you'll need fill this out and submit all of your information to the Co-op by Sunday, September 3 at 8pm)

Learn About Your Co-op Council Events

Contact a Current Co-op Council Member

Co-op Council Resources Page

Email the Co-op Council

Review the Cooperative Principles