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Hunger Mountain Coop would not exist without our Member-Owners. Our co-op’s strength is easily measured by the loyalty and involvement of Member-Owners like YOU. We encouraged you to stay in touch, participate, and give us the benefit of your suggestions. Here are some helpful links

 that will allow you to get the most out of your Member-Ownership.

Shop The Coop, You Own It!

Your patronage is what allows Hunger Mountain Coop to thrive and provide our community with great food, great service, and a great place to work. Check out ways to save at the Co-op here.

Embrace the Benefits

Owning the store where you shop is pretty great, and what’s even better is receiving all the benefits that go with it! Make the most out of your co-op Member-Ownership by taking advantage of discounts at local businesses through our Community Links Directory, learn something new by attending a discounted workshop, and let your voice be heard by contacting a Coop Council member or one of our helpful staff. Does an illness or hardship prevent you from coming to The Coop the shop? You can still receive your benefits by requesting a Shopping Pass by emailing

Maintain Your Member-Ownership

If you have not yet reached your full equity payment of $180, we’ll get in touch with you in May/June and ask you to make your next payment. It’s easy to make a payment and stay an active Member-Owner. Simply make your payment at any of our registers, mail in a check from home, or give us a call to pay by credit card.

Keep in Touch

If you change your address, email, or phone number let us know by emailing Find out the Full Scoop about what’s going on at your co-op by signing up to receive our Newsletter and letting us know if you would like to receive announcements emails as well. Just contact or sign up for the newsletter here.

We Make Food Affordable

Are you over 65? Let us know to activate your Senior Discount and enjoy a 6% savings on your shopping. Are you a recipient of Food Stamps or WIC? Check out our Coop Cares program to learn how you can save 6% and even apply for Equity Assistance. You can also earn a discount at The Coop by participating in our Member-Owner Labor Program, where Member-Owners work in exchange for a discount or, in some cases, a paycheck!

It’s YOUR Co-op! Get Involved!

We love getting feedback from our Member-Owners. It's what makes The Coop a dynamic and responsive fixture in our community that represents the interests of its Member-Owners. Share your feedback with us by emailing a staff person using our online directory, write us a letter, leave us a comment in the suggestion box at The Coop, attend a Council Meeting, come to an event, or contact your Council Members (they're Member-Owners just like you who are elected by their fellow Member-Owners to represent your voice). 

Imagine Your Coop in 2022...

Check out The Coop's Ten-Year Vision!

Read The Coop's Ten-Year Plan