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Working Member-Owners

At Hunger Mountain Coop we do not require our Member-Owners to work in order to receive the benefits of Member-Ownership, but participating in our Member-Owner Labor Program is a great way to learn more about The Coop, provide a meaningful service to your co-op and community, and earn a discount!


Becoming a Working Member-Owner...

It's easy to get involved. The first steps to becoming a Working Member-Owner are:


1. Read the information below.

2. Decide which Member-Labor position is right for you.

3. Check The Coop Announcements and Events bulletin board for sign-ups.


Contact Member-Owner Services at 223-8004 x202 or to see what’s available.

4. Become a Working Member-Owner. Enjoy being an integral part of The Coop while receiving a great discount!


Support Workers 

Work on an as-needed basis

Support Worker positions are project or event related. Volunteer hours are recorded on the Member Labor Bulletin Board and are applied to your account on the 1st and 15th of every month. The hours worked cannot exceed more than six hours per quarter.

Support jobs include:

Bulletin Board Maintenance
Chair Massage
Administrative Help
Special Events...
Food and Wellness Expo
Annual Meeting
Holiday Grocery Pack
Earth Day
Truckload Sales


Two weeks of a 6% discount for every hour worked (not to exceed six hours per quarter).


Core Workers

Work 2 hours/wk for 6 months

Core workers must commit to their shift for six months:

October- April
(fall term, posted mid August)

April - October
(spring term, posted mid February)

At the end of the six-month term, the positions become available to new Core Workers.


Core jobs include:

Bagel Stocking

Cheese Cutting

Each position is scheduled at specific days and times of the week and training is provided. Core Workers must attend an orientation. Orientations are held in September and March.


Minimum wage paycheck and 6% discount for the six-month term.


Outreach Workers

Fill out an application to apply for a discount

This component of the Member-Owner Labor Program includes opportunities for Member-Owners to earn a discount by working on approved community outreach projects. Projects must be in support of our Mission and support our current initiatives.



Two weeks of a 6% discount for every hour worked (not to exceed six hours per quarter).


Council Members

Serve on The Coop Council

Council Members must commit to a three-year term. The Council works on behalf of all of the Member-Owners and sets policies for The Coop. Council Members are nominated by Member-Owners in September and elected at the Annual Meeting in November. There are nine three-year positions on our board. Council Members meet once a month, sometimes more.


10% discount on your purchases for the duration of your term.

Council Note Taker

Take notes at Council meetings and special meetings/forums

Please contact Member-Owner Services at 223-8004 x202 or about available Note Taker positions.


Two weeks of a 6% discount for every hour worked.