Join the Conversation: Co-op Discounts

Co-op Conversation: Co-op Discounts

Phase Three Summary Report Now Available

Our co-op is always balancing its limited resources with the goals of providing healthy food at affordable prices, being a good employer, paying fair prices to our farmers and food producers, and meeting the diverse needs of this membership and community. 

Over the past sixteen months, our Co-op Conversations have focused on Member-Owner discounts which have been growing at rapid rates over the past few years. In Phase Three, our committee shared a revised set of recommendations for changes to the discount programs based on member and staff input gathered in meetings, interviews, and surveys. The feedback to these draft recommendations is summarized in this new report.

For next steps, our Discount Steering Committee* will finalize its recommendations and present those to the Co-op’s management team which will make its final decision sometime later this year.

*Committee: Members-Owners – Catherine Lowther, Rita Ricketson, Alex Brown & Geraldine Vatan; Council Member – Mark Simakaski; Employees – Stephani Kononan, Kari Bradley; Consultant – Michael Levine, Flywheel Communications

Additional Resources 

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• Summary report for round 2

Summary report for round 1

If you have questions or comments to share, you can email us here, drop written comments in the suggestion box near the co-op’s exit, or call our general manager Kari Bradley directly at (802) 262-3219.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Co-op Conversations. It’s the participation of and support from our members that makes our cooperative successful.