Customer Comments 5/25/18


Customer Question: Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee with cordyceps and chaga.

Co-op Answer: Thank you for your input! We will bring these in and give it a try! -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Would love to see Lily’s stevia-sweetened chocolates of the vegan variety sold (dark chocolate, salted almond, coconut, etc.). Thanks!

A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately , the entirety of the Lily’s chocolate is made with milk fat or powdered milk, so none of them are vegan.  We do carry their dark chocolate and their salted almond. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Let’s get some charcoal in! May 1st! Please 🙂

A: Thank you for your input.  Charcoal is here! You can find it in the center store display right now as well as in a case stack near cereal. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Thank you for the cold brew nitro!

A: Thank you for your input! I’m so glad you like it.  It is great to be able to support local producers, especially when the product is so delicious. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Please bring in nuco-coconut wraps.  They are gluten free and keto friendly.  Buying online at competitors is lame.

A: Thank you for your input! We just brought in the Siete wraps which we are very excited about.  Coconut and cassava flour tortilla wraps that are paleo and keto friendly.  Hopefully these meet what you are looking for.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Would like a dark chocolate but sweetened with stevia or other non-white sugar with nuts or spicy.  Lily’s is only 40% chocolate and almond bar is salted.

A: Thank you for your input! Starting may 22nd we will be carrying Eating Evolved chocolate.  One of the flavors is an almond sea salt variety (72% dark chocolate) and made with coconut sugar. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: We love the flax milk and Coconut Bliss bars! Can you carry the flax milk and protein and regular Coconut Bliss bars (boxed or individual would be swell)?

A: Thank you for your input! We are definitely looking to bring in some of these Coconut Bliss items for the summer months.  Single serve items should be available by the end of May. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: The big jars of pickled herring in wine are not as good as the small jars you used to get.  None left on shelf so can’t tell you brand names. 

A: Okay, we’ll switch back.  Thanks for the feedback. -Nick, Meat Buyer


Q: Please carry choline capsules on the shelf, long time member will buy.

A: We are looking to bring in a choline capsule in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned. -Laura, Wellness Manager

Q: Please invent/try out a new set up for the bulk soap – use a gravity system – your current system does not work, and the pump soaps only foam when using the plastic pump.

A: Thank you for your feedback.  I will keep it in mind as we explore options for our bulk soaps.  -Laura, Wellness Manager

Q: I’m alarmed by the amount of companies using palm oil in the wellness dept. for soaps etc. Leap and the more local CF from St. Albans both use palm oil – organic or not – it is still damaging to the environment.

A: Thank you for your concern.  A few years back our wellness team reached out to local vendors after hearing this concern.  Two vendors changed their formulas and no longer use palm oil, others said they would take it into consideration when formulating.  We also carry a number of RSPO (Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil) certified soaps.  Please call if you would like to discuss in greater detail: 262-3218. -Laura, Wellness Manager

Q: Please order Shakai Borage Lotion in bulk.  This is the lotion for seriously dry winter skin.  I’ve tried many low chemical lotions and this si the very best.  No fragrance added, so good for all! I go through this lotion so quickly so I fill a ceramic container with it.  The small plastic bottles are impossible to empty.  I could bypass the plastic with a bulk container. 

A: I’m glad you like the Borage lotion.  The biggest size available is 16 oz.  We would be happy to special order it for you. -Laura, Wellness Manager


Q: Stop making members provide a coupon or mention a coupon.  We are members supporting you and the community.  Don’t make us work again.  Just give us our earned discounts when we give you our #. 

Q: Please make member coupons automatic.

A: Thank you.  We are considering it.  On one hand, this would be more convenient for members.  On the other hand, it would cease to be a coupon and we would lose the ability to judge if the promotion is incentivizing members to shop more or just a happy accident.  We need to deliberate further and I will make a decision.  -Kari, General Manager

Q: Can there be a larger sign for the car charging parking space.  Cars that are not charging are often parked there.

A: If you notice this happen again, would you mind letting the folks at customer service know? Often direct communication is more effective than signage. -Mary, Facilities Manager

Q: In the bathroom, there is a picture of local craft person hand carving soap.  Right next to the dispenser of odorless, unknown sanitizer solution.  I’m experiencing…some thoughts.

A: I think I am understanding your suggestion to use local soap in the bathrooms? We have not been able to find one that fits our needs, but we are always open to suggestions.  The soap we currently use is organic, unscented and produced in New York.  -Mary, Facilities Manager

Q: Please paint the parking lot arrows again.  People are driving dangerously the wrong way.  Thanks. 
A: Will do, we plan to have it done in July! Thank you! -Mary, Facilities Manager

Q: Please never have piped in background music – the world is way to noisy.  I saw a comment card posted on this.  If it ever comes to this I need to shop not here. Thanks.

A: Thank you for the feedback.  No plans to add music though we do get requests from time to time. -Kari, General Manager

Q: If the various discount offers require customer to tell cashier that s/he is eligible for discount – e.g. Haba – please put that on the sign.  Saves time.  Thanks!

A: Thank you.  You must be referring to the member coupon.  Since this is a coupon program, we ask that you use the coupon when planning your shopping and so the signs refer you to the coupon  We post the coupons on our sales flyer and on various signs throughout the store.  You can also sign up for our biweekly enews to hear about new coupons automatically. -Kari, General Manager

Q: Took forever today to buy groceries – shouldn’t there be all checkouts on a Sunday at 4 pm?

A: We sincerely apologize for the long wait you experienced.  Sunday afternoons typically run very smoothly, but there was a recent Sunday that had highly unusual amount of traffic and many large orders around 4 pm.  We will certainly look into our regular Sunday coverage to see if a permanent adjustment needs to be made.   Thank you so much for your feedback and our apologies again for the delay in checking out.  -Alison, Asst. Front End Manager

Q: I dislike self checkouts at every other store I have ever been to, that being said I would use self checkout every time if you had it. 

A: I’m very sorry to hear you feel that way and I am concerned that you may have received service that does not meet our standards.  Please contact Sonia Keene our Front End Manager, at 262-3255 or to discuss further and let her know what we can do to make it right.  Thank you! -Alison, Asst. Front End Manager