Local By the Numbers

When shopping at some stores, to find the local items, you must ask someone, “Where is your local section?” At Hunger Mountain Co-op, you simply have to walk in the front door, and you are there. 

We don’t have a “local section” because our local products are everywhere. Being local is ingrained in every aspect of what we do, and our support of local goods and vendors can be found on every shelf, in every department. Evidence of this local focus can be seen in data from our fiscal year 2018: 

Purchases from Vermont vendors, in dollars: $473,927
Number of Vermont vendors: 491
Sales of local products, in dollars: $9.9 million
Percentage of total sales from the sale of local products: 40% of total sales
Increase in that percentage over last year: 4.4% increase
Pints of local maple syrup sold: 10,360
Dozens of local eggs sold: 59, 446
Gallons of local milk sold: 36,944
Pounds of local apples sold: 93,592

Our local focus goes beyond sales and dollars, of course. Every day, we are supporting and interacting with local community members and businesses. This includes:

9,194 member-owners
166 Co-op employees
109 Community Links partners, most of whom are local
29 Community Workshop presenters, most of whom are local
12 member-owner and staff artists every year who display their work in our Café
12 local vendors who are our featured vendor of the month
10 different local nonprofits who are recipients of our Give Change program each year

All of these local efforts and your support of them work together to create waves of impacts across central Vermont and beyond, sustaining local businesses, creating local jobs, maintaining the health of local economies and local communities. 

Thank you for shopping at Hunger Mountain Co-op!

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