Educational Wine and Cheese Tasting – 11/30/18

On Friday, Nov 30, our educational wine and cheese tasting, from 3-6pm in the center of our store, will feature a selection of Syrah wines, paired with Ermitage French Brie cheese.

Syrah wines are produced in a variety of locales, including France (where it grows more than in any other location), Australia, Spain, Argentina, South Africa and the United States. In fact, it is one of the most popular and widely grown grape varieties in the world. While the colors and flavor profiles can vary, it is generally one of the darkest colored and most full-bodied of all red wine varieties. The dark color is accompanied by bold flavors, dominated by dark fruits ranging from blueberry to dark olive, combined with a wide variety of other flavor elements, even tobacco or smoked meat. With a taste that has been described as “massive,” this wine pairs well with big, bold flavors, from blue cheeses to barbecued meats. It is known as the best wine to pair with roasted, grilled or smoke meats, including duck, veal, beef and sausage, but also goes well with just about any other food. It’s also a perfect wine for cold winter evenings by the fire. We will be sampling a selection that includes Kermit Lynch Languedoc, Prophecy Red Blend, Clos de L’Oratoire des Papes Chateauneuf-du-pape, and Domaine de la Guicharde Cotes du Rhône.

Along with Syrah, we will be sampling a brie from Ermitage, a dairy in eastern France. It is in France, east of Paris, where brie has been made since the eighth century. These soft cheeses are known for their soft, smooth and creamy interior encased in a thin, velvety rind coated in a dusting of white mold. These cheeses are sometimes thought of as decadent and luxurious but many are very approachable in flavor and affordable in price. The taste experience can also range widely and be sweet, nutty, smoky or savory, depending on a number of factors. The brie from Ermitage is made with pasteurized cow’s milk and has no animal rennet, making it a good choice for vegetarians. The company prides itself on using traditional recipes and methods, as well as the highest quality milk for all their cheese products. As they say on their website, “A good cheese is a good milk, professional expertise, and also the love of work well done.”

Come in on Friday between 3-6pm and discover these exciting wines and cheese for yourself.