Order the Perfect Meat or Seafood for Your Holiday Meal

Now through 8pm on Sunday, Dec 16, we are taking special orders for a variety of meat and seafood items that will perfectly complete or complement your holiday meal. Orders for the items below may be placed at our customer service desk or by calling 802-262-3204. Your special order will be available for pickup beginning on Friday, Dec 21.

North Country Smokehouse (Pickup starts 12/21)
Applewood Smoked Hams
Bone-in half (8–10 lbs) $7.99/lb
Bone-in whole (16–20 lbs) $7.99/lb
Boneless half (4–5 lbs) $8.99/lb
Boneless whole (8–9 lbs) $8.99/lb

Spiral-Cut Honey Glazed Hams
Half (7–8 lbs.) $8.99/lb
Whole (16–18 lbs.) $8.99/lb

Poultry (Pickup starts 12/21)
Fresh Misty Knoll turkeys (15–17 lbs available) $4.69/lb
Goose (12 lbs average) $12.99/lb Preorder deadline 12/10.
Pheasant $12.49/lb
Duck (5 lbs average) $5.49/lb
Capon (8–10 lbs available) $8.59/lb
Poussin (16–18 oz) $8.99/lb
Quail (two 7–oz, semi-boneless) $14.99

Beef (Pickup starts 12/21)
Tenderloin, prime rib – price and availability will vary by farm. Ask us for
more information.

Seafood (Pickup starts 12/21)
A wide variety of options available, market prices apply.

Rabbit (Pickup starts 12/21)
Rabbit, fryer (3 lbs) $13.99/lb
Rabbit, roaster (4 lbs) $11.99/lb

Game & Lamb (Pickup time varies based on availability)
Venison, squab, wild boar, and more – prices and cuts available on request.

Order deadline is 8pm on Sunday, Dec 16. Place your order at our customer service desk or call (802) 262-3204.

Thank you for supporting your locally owned natural food cooperative and all of our local vendors, farmers and producers. Happy Holidays from all of us at Hunger Mountain Co-op!