March Member-Owner Specials

Patrick’s Artisan Bakery

One of the benefits of being a member-owner at the Co-op is the opportunity to take advantage of our monthly Member-Owner Specials. More than just remarkable deals, they are also a chance to support many of our local vendors and producers.

During March, we will be featuring a wide variety of products on sale in departments including frozen, bakery, bulk, wellness, meat, and cheese. There will also be two Member-Owner Coupons, $5 off a $25 purchase in the bulk department (Feb. 27 – March 12) and then $6 off a $25 purchase of frozen foods (March 13 – April 2). Find the coupons here.

Be sure to take advantage of that coupon in bulk with some of the terrific items that will be at fantastic prices. Sunridge Farms, a family owned and operated company with a commitment to healthy living and environmental responsibility, will be featured, with milk chocolate rainbow drops, chocolate nut crunch trail mix, and organic jolly beans all on sale. Granola from a local favorite, Patrick’s Artisan Bakery, in ginger boostrap, lemon coconut, and totally otally varieties, will also be at a tremendous sale price.

Many of the products on sale come from extraordinary local companies. For example, in Craftsbury, behind Pete’s Greens, at the end of the long, dirt driveway, there is a unique and exciting collaboration taking place. Vt99 Meats is the culmination of a partnership between two of our state’s biggest local food businesses, the aforementioned Pete’s Greens and Jasper Hill Farm. This partnership has created an integrated system for producing the products under the Vt99 Meats label, a system that maximizes efficiency, minimizes waste and combines vegetables, cheese products, and pigs in a remarkable way. Their excellent Canadian bacon, bacon and assorted sausages will be on sale.

Throughout the store, there will be many more outstanding deals on local items. In the refrigerated dairy case, select maple sweetened yogurts from Butterworks Farm will be on sale. With a focus on supporting the local food system, their mission has been to build healthy soils, grow nutrient-rich crops and forages, to lovingly feed, milk and care for healthy, happy cows, and make the best yogurt ever. Over in the beverage case, Kingdom Kombucha, made with organic and natural ingredients in Sheffield, VT, will be on sale, as will a new item, sodas from Local Sweet. If you haven’t tried Local Sweet yet, these are delicious, locally made sodas from Williston, VT, sweetened with Vermont maple syrup or honey, so they are cane sugar-free.

Local favorites on sale are in every corner of the store, such as Vermont Coffee Co.’s bags of decaf and regular coffee in the coffee section, Nutty Steph’s magic chunk bags and bars, found with the other chocolate bars at the front of the store, and Vermont Salsa Company’s salsa verde in the chip aisle. Our featured vendor of the month for March, Hillsboro Sugarworks, will have their assorted maple syrup quarts on sale with all the fabulous maple syrup at the front by the registers. Finally, if you love maple like we do, try a phenomenal new item, Baird Farm’s maple sweetened ketchup, found in the condiments aisle. Sweetened with organic maple syrup from their family farm in Chittenden, VT, this ketchup is the perfect condiment to accompany just about anything and comes in a beautiful, classic glass jar.

Member-owners can always find irresistible cheese deals in their monthly specials flyer. Two of the sale cheeses come from a local mission-driven cheesemaker who proudly supports Vermont’s rural communities, Grafton Village Cheese. Their Smoked Cheddar and Maple Smoked Cheddar will both be at great sale prices. Another local dairy, Neighborly Farms in Randolph Center, situated on land that has been farmed for dairy since the 1920s, will be featured, with their flavorful Extra Sharp Raw Cheddar on sale. Vermont Creamery’s Crème Fraiche is a versatile French-style cultured cream that can be used in soups and sauces, on pies or fresh fruits, or in a wide variety of recipes, and will be on sale at $1.00 off

You can check out all of these exceptional deals and more at our sales flyers here. During Member Appreciation Weekend on Friday, March 29 – Sunday, March 31, all members will get a storewide %5 shopping discount in addition to all these other amazing deals.

Not a member-owner? Join now for only $15 and start saving on all of these deals immediately. You can sign up at our customer service desk or use our new online form found here.