Find a Variety of Local Maple Syrups at the Co-op

Morse Farm. Photo Courtesy of Paul Richardson

As the frigid winter begins to thaw and daylight hours bring milder temperatures, maple sap begins to flow and the yearly tradition of maple season starts in earnest. Whether it’s one thousand taps or tens of thousands, maple sugar producers will begin the task of turning that sap into maple syrup, produced in greater quantities here than any other U.S. state. At the Co-op, you will find items from a variety of local sugar makers who work hard every season and year-round to bring our customers the syrups they love.

Adamant Syrup – Rick Barstow is the owner and operator of Adamant Sugar House, which he runs with his family on their farm in the small community of Adamant.

Brookfield Sugarmakers – Bill Council, the owner, and operator, still uses horse-drawn bucket collection to gather his sap. Rather than using a tube collection system, he collects sap from every bucket at every tree. All syrup is delicate golden quality, with an incredible depth of flavor. We also sell their Maple Candy, which has won the Tunbridge World’s Fair Blue Ribbon for seven years in a row.

Hillsboro Sugarworks – They are located on Hillsboro Mountain in Starksboro, VT, and are a family-owned and operated year-round business making certified organic maple syrup with a commitment to a high-quality product and environmental sustainability. They’re also our featured vendor for the month of March. Read our interview with them here.

Kent’s Corner – Based in Calais, Vermont, sugarmaker Craig Line uses more than 1,000 taps to collect the sap from trees in a sustainably managed forest. The sap is then boiled over a variety of wood logs to impart a variety of flavors to the syrup. We sell his bourbon barrel aged syrup among other varieties.

Kingdom Mountain – Dan Backus is the owner and operator of Kingdom Mountain Farm, in Westfield, where he grows hay, raises beef cattle, and creates firewood and sawlogs. Dan and his wife Kim produce certified organic maple syrup from more than 2,000 taps and use the reverse osmosis process which reduces the length of time the syrup must be boiled and the amount of wood needed to provide the heat.

Runamok Maple – Located in Cambridge and Fairfield, VT, their 1,100 acres run along the western slopes of Mt. Mansfield. Owners Eric and Laura Sorkin and their crew use over 80,000 taps to collect sap for their infused maple syrups in a variety of flavors, including ginger root, elderberry, markut lime-leaf, hibiscus, cardamom, and jasmine tea.

Square Deal Farm – Bordered by an 11,000-acre wildlife preserve, this farm is located in Walden, where they make a variety of grades of maple syrup. Their syrups are certified organic and bottled only in food-grade tin or glass.

Wood’s Syrup – You’ll also find the glass bottle from Wood’s Syrup, filled with their bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. Located in Randolph, the family owns the land where they have been making maple syrup for generations, including 1,800 gallons each year.

We also carry maple syrup from small family operations and single individuals, like William Smith. They can be found in the jugs that say Vermont Pure Maple Syrup.

During maple sugaring season or all year round, you can stop by the Co-op and find all of these great varieties of maple syrup made by our local Vermont sugar makers.

Photos of Morse Farm courtesy of Paul Richardson.