Green Mtn CBD is now SunSoil

CBD products have become a fixture on the shelves of our wellness department as well as many other retailers in the area and across the country. One local company has recently undergone a re-branding effort and is being featured on sale for the month of March at the Co-op.

SunSoil, formerly known as Green Mountain CBD, can be found nearby in the town of Hardwick, a location the company chose because “the soil here is rich with nutrients, the water is pure, and the people have generations of experience working the land.” They also believe that while Vermont’s climate and weather pose some challenges to the growing environment, the plants they grow are more resilient because of those challenges, as well as being rich in cannabinoids, including those that make up CBD.

While they are not certified organic, Sunsoil uses organic growing practices, including no pesticides. They also use a whole-plant oil extraction method employing organic coconut oil, which keeps the ingredients to their products very simple: organic coconut oil, hemp, vegetarian capsules. 

Please visit one of our knowledgeable and helpful wellness department staff for any questions you might have. You can also contact our wellness department manager, Laura Furber, at