Customer Comments 3/8/19


Customer Question: Indiana Popcorn – good! They also make/sell caramel corn, yes?
Co-op Answer: Thank you for your input! I haven’t seen a caramel corn from them, although they do have a sweet and salty popcorn and the caramel-cheddar popcorn. Unfortunately, our current distributor does not carry the caramel-cheddar. We do currently carry the “Sweet and Salty”. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Pumpkin seed oil?
A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately this item was discontinued due to slow sales. You may be able to special order this item and receive a discount. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Please get “Spike” seasoning!
A: Thank you for your input! I will certainly consider this item next time we do a category review for our spices and seasonings. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Can you get more Red Hen baguettes? Recently you have been out every time I come in.
A: Thank you for your input! I will check our sales numbers and pass this information along to Red Hen, so they may consider bringing more. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Thank you so much for bringing in Beyond Meat products and Ripple half and half.
A: Thank you for your input! I’m so glad you like them – we love being able to bring in new products our customers are excited about. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Please stock vegan Greek-style yogurt.
A: Thank you for your input! We have recently brought in the Kite Hill non-dairy Greek-style yogurt. Pleas ask any employee to help locate it! -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Stacy’s Tortillas out of California are amazing! The Littleton Coop carries them – any chance you could too?
A: Thank you for your input! We do not currently work with the distributor who carries this product. However, we are looking to begin an order with them and hopefully bring on one or two items from Stacy’s. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: New bread and baked goods section is great!
Thank you for your input! I’m so glad you like it. It was a great team effort between so many hardworking coop employees and our amazing bread vendors. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: I really miss having my Sooo Delicious Vanilla Flavored Coconut Creamer! (Blue Containers).
A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, we discontinued this time due to slow sales. However, we do carry the shelf stable version of this item by our bulk coffees. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Please look for distributors/all products (OJ, yogurt, cottage cheese) who use glass or other containers. Please bring back bulk tofu.
A: Thank you for your input! We currently carry the Soy Boy 4 lb bulk tofu in the refrigerated department. Glass being a more environmentally friendly packaging option has been contested due to the chemicals needed to clean it for commercial reuse, the energy it takes to recycle it, and the fossil fuels required to ship it. However, we will look into having these options available for those who want them. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Can you please, please, please get more Kevita flavors that are not the Apple Cider vinegar tonic!
A: Thank you for your input! I believe we do currently have the space to try a new favor of Kevita. Look for it on the shelf in the next couple of weeks. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Did you know about this?
A: Thank you for your input! Thank you for passing along this article – I had read this when it was published and I am so glad consumers are being informed about the pervasive issue of heavy metals. It is my belief that this is a big picture issue, involving all agricultural practices and ground water health. We will be informing our customers of the items we carry that may have potential risk as well as the items we carry that are better alternatives. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Numi Turmeric Tea – can we carry the other? Don’t like rose kinds.
A: Thank you for your input! We should be able to bring in at least one additional flavor of the Numi Turmeric teas to our set. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: I would like Zevia sodas root beer and ginger ale – used to carry these.
A: Thank you for your input! We currently carry these products in four packs in our soda and drink cooler. They may not be found as often in our drink cooler because we reduced the facings of assorted sodas. You may always break up any four pack or ask and employee for assistance. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Could you carry Jovial Einkorn Sourdough crackers, please?
A: Thank you for your input! Our cracker set is too high to add anything in without removing another item first. We will plan on doing a review of this section to see if we have room to add these products in by the first week of April. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Can you please keep the organic granola bar Nugo. The dark chocolate almond one is great. Thank you.
A: Thank you for your input! During our reset we unfortunately lost quite a bit of space for product. The NuGo brand was dropped as some of our slowest sellers. You may still special order this product and receive a discount. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Please would you consider carrying Lesser Evil brand Paleo Puffs in Himalayan Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar flavor? They are sooooo good! Seriously amazing.
A: Thank you for your input! We will bring these in during our next new items introduction. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Food Services

Q: Please sell an 8 oz cup of coffee at deli fill-up; why only 12 and 16? I mean it: no need to supersize a coffee.
A: Thanks for your request. We don’t have storage space for a third cup offering. I would recommend wither using the 12 oz but not filling it up or bringing a reusable mug in and getting a discount. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Have small brown bags where the muffins are…sometimes you want more than one muffin.
A: We can do this! -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: This is the second time I’m commenting in hope for a response – there must be a better option than Boar’s Head for roast beef in the deli.
A: Yes, I did respond to the first one though perhaps not quickly enough. Please come stop by and have a conversation with me about it. What don’t you like about it? What brand would you like us to bring in? I would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: The tables in the cafe are often sticky and covered in crumbs.
A: Thank you for bringing this to my attention. We can, should and will do better. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Is it possible to add black bean burger to deli menu? And a vegan sweet in case (cookie/cupcake)?
A: The Hunger Mountaineer is a vegan option that is available. I don’t anticipate adding anything to the deli menu permanently, but will definitely test out B Bean Burgers as a special! -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Bring back the seaweed salad, please! Thanks for your comment. This was not particularly popular, we had to cull a lot of it and it has been about three years since we served it and got many complaints when we did. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: City Market soups in their deli are a lot cheaper and not any less tasty. Any reason ours are priced so high?
A: Yes, ours are made with local and organic ingredients whereas City Market’s are made with many conventional ingredients. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: Bamboo Toothbrushes in cardboard packaging instead of plastic?
A: Thank you for your suggestion. We are looking into another option. -Laura, Wellness Manager

Q: Consider dropping Nature’s Gate products for increasing the amount of plastic in their new push dispenser containers.
A: I appreciate your environmental concern with their new packaging. This is a very popular line with our members. The pumps are recyclable at the ARCC. Please let me know if you would like to discuss in greater detail. -Laura, Wellness Manager


Q: Today’s special was $3 off $15 soup – please be more clear – this is not for deli – I just bought $18 worth of soup – I will enjoy – but – annoyed that this feels misleading.
A: Thanks for the feedback. We will review and look for 1) promotions that are not intuitive like that and 2) ways to make exclusions more obvious. -Kari, General Manager

Q: I would love love love more plastic-free options in bulk (i.e. dried fruit) and cheese (mozzarella balls) and tofu!
A: Thanks. We are open to any options you have in terms of alternatives. -Kari, General Manager

Q: Don’t let the seating area be taken over by free loaders during lunch.
A: The cafe is for everyone. That said, we are experiencing more crowding these days and are considering some redesign options. There are times when sharing a table is the best solution. If you are uncomfortable asking yourself, please speak to an employee. -Kari, General Manager

Q: Please stop using single-use plastic bags in produce and elsewhere. Plastics are destroying our oceans, wildlife, and us. Please look for alternatives in all departments.
A: Thank you. I appreciate the movement to reduce or eliminate plastic. Our industry is not yet able to provide reliable alternatives in terms of bags and packaging. For the near team, we consumers have to do more to reduce plastic usage by buying in bulk and reusing bags and containers. -Kari, General Manager

Q: Bio Bag critique: They work very well for larger bulk items and veggies. I did find it hard to pour out small grains (rice, etc.) and flour with any control. They wash and can be reused, not expecting that! Overall, pleased with them.
A: Thank you for the feedback. There has been quite a mixed reaction to these bags. -Kari, General Manager

Q: Why still offering plastic bags? Carry reusable bags? Or charge per bag? It’s been long enough for people to take responsibility.
A: Whenever we’re trying to change the behavior (and preferences) of thousands of people, it is a slow process. I do support the idea of offering re-usable bags for sale and pledge to move forward on that.