Member-Owner of the Month – Ginny Cooke

Our member-owners are part of a collaborative effort that creates numerous positive impacts for our community, both near and far. Our co-op would not be successful without the support and involvement of our nearly 9,300 members, including those who shop here, round up at the register, bring reusable bags, serve on committees, and volunteer at events.

Recognizing a member-owner of the month is just one of the ways we say thank you to those members who have been such an important part of everything we do. This month, we recognize Ginny Cooke, who has been an active volunteer at recent events, including our Fall Truckload Sale and the 2018 Annual Member Meeting. Ginny lives in Montpelier and works at Orchard Valley Waldorf School as an Assistant Kindergarten Teacher.

How long have you been a member-owner?

I have been a member-owner for almost one year. I was living out of town for a couple of years and would occasionally stop in when I was in town. Once I moved to Montpelier, I decided to join!

What is something you love about your Co-op?

I enjoy seeing and chatting with members of the community every time I go. It’s nice to have unplanned social time. 

What are your favorite products?

My favorite things to get at the Co-op are bulk items (the Maine oats are awesome!), fresh pretzels, and the new tapioca pudding with mango in the grab and go area. Yum!