April Member-Owner Specials

One of the benefits of being a member-owner at the Co-op is the opportunity to take advantage of our monthly Member-Owner Specials. More than just remarkable deals, they are also a chance to support many of our local vendors and producers.

During April, we will be featuring a wide variety of products on sale in departments including frozen, bakery, bulk, wellness, meat, and cheese. There will also be two Member-Owner Coupons, $2 off a $10 purchase at our deli’s hot & cold bar (Apr 3 – 16) and then $10 off a $75 store purchase (Apr 17 – April 30). You can find the coupons here.

Shopping our bulk section allows you to buy high-quality items in a way that’s environmentally and economically friendly. There are also excellent deals in bulk, such as this month’s member-only sales on a selection of Tierra Farm’s certified organic products, including organic roasted unsalted cashews, salted cashews, salted mixed nuts, and unsalted mixed nuts. Nutiva’s commitment to and track record of environmental and social responsibility are impressive. You can support their many initiatives when you purchase their organic shelled hemp seeds which will be on sale. Another great company to support is Champlain Valley Milling, the largest 100% organic flour mill in the state of New York. Pick up some of their organic yellow cornmeal while it’s on sale this month.

Throughout the store, members will find numerous deals on excellent products. Locally-made and GMO-free, Half Baked pizzas are at an excellent price, $3.00 off. Also in the frozen cases, Leonardo’s gelato will also be on sale at $1.40 off. On the rack in front of the Co-op, our Featured Vendor for April, Black Dirt Farm, has worm castings on sale for as much as $3.00 off. When you come back inside from picking that up, the first aisle, with the cereal and granola, is where you’ll find Nutty Steph’s granola and gluten-free granola on sale. Two aisles away, with the international foods and canned goods, is Bloodroot Mountain hot sauce, which is non-GMO and made locally with organic ingredients.

In the corner with the various food wraps, members can get locally produced Bee’s Wrap assorted print lunch wraps at $4.00 off. This product is made from beeswax, organic fabric, and jojoba oil, and is a reusable and biodegradable alternative to plastic wrap, plastic bags, or tinfoil. Also at a great price will be another fantastic local product, Ariel’s Honey Infusions, which will be $5.00 off. Taking advantage of member specials is a great way to support local companies like these and more. Brave Coffee & Tea, based in Waterbury Center, will have bagged coffee on sale, and Laughing Moon Chocolates, right next door in Stowe, will have their chocolate bars on sale as well. Only slightly less local, based in Williston, Venetian Beverages will have their four-pack of ginger ale on sale for $4.00 off, a tremendous price for a high-quality locally-made soda.

There are also many kombuchas on the market and a wonderful local option to try is Kis Kombucha, out of Hyde Park. In the egg cooler, Sobremesa, from Marshfield, will have an assortment of their products on sale. At $2.00 off, it’s a perfect reason to try their exceptional fermented foods. Across the aisle in the dairy case, organic kefir made from the milk of lovingly cared for Jersey cows at Butterworks Farm in Westfield will also be on sale, at $1.00 off.

While you’re getting to know the new bakery section, check some of the gluten-free options from Sweet Alchemy in Essex Junction. Their gluten-free cookies, brownies, and cupcakes will all be on sale. Two other local favorites will have featured items on sale, La Panciata’s bagged cookies will be $1.10 off, and Manghi’s hot cross buns will be $1.30 off.

Members can always find excellent cheese deals in our month-long specials for members only. Two of the sale cheeses come from a local mission-driven cheesemaker who proudly supports Vermont’s rural communities, Grafton Village Cheese. Their One-year Aged Cheddar will be on sale for $1.00 off, and Truffle Cheddar will be $1.50 off. Another local dairy, Neighborly Farms in Randolph Center, is featured, with their Green Onion Cheddar, made with fresh certified organic green onions, locally produced when available, at $2.50 off. Vermont Creamery’s extremely versatile chevre logs, made with mild, creamy fresh goat cheese, will be on sale at $0.80 off.

In the wellness department, numerous products from Lakon Herbals will be on sale, including lip balm, massage oils, Bygone Bugz, Essential Care Salve, Green Comfort Salve, and Yarrow Liniment. Sale prices range from $1.00 to $3.00 off, ask any of our wellness staff for assistance.