World Fair Trade Day on May 11

World Fair Trade Day is on May 11 and offers an opportunity to support the efforts of organizations and businesses around the world who are dedicated to the principles of Fair Trade. Fair Trade enterprises work to create better working and living conditions for their employees and communities, in part by providing fair wages to workers. They focus on sustainable, eco-friendly and environmentally responsible practices, with an eye towards protecting our planet. They also emphasize the importance of female-owned companies and ethical business practices.

On May 11 and year-round, you can support these kinds of companies by purchasing products that are made by Fair Trade producers. A number of them will also be on sale during the month of May.

Equal Exchange  – Worker-owned cooperative, they work with only cooperatively run producers and are dedicated to maintaining an authentic Fair Trade model. Hunger Mountain Co-op is proud to sell Equal Exchange chocolate, hot cocoa, tea, and bulk coffee, almost all of which is on sale May 1 to May 14.

Alter Eco – Organic, non-GMO, and Fair Trade Certified chocolate bars, in flavors like Deep Dark Blackout (85%), Dark Salted Burnt Caramel (70%), Dark Salted Brown Butter (70%), and Deep Dark Sea Salt (70%) on sale for 2/$5 (reg price $3.99).

Theo Chocolate – Organic, non-GMO, and Fair Trade certified. The full line is on sale for from May 1 to May 14, including Dark or Milk Peanut Butter cups for $1.49 (reg price $2.39).

Dr. Bronners – Certified B Corporation, Fair for Life certified. Organic, non-GMO Coconut oil is sold as a Whole Kernel or White Kernel coconut oil, in glass jars. On Sale May 1 to May 14. Fourteen fluid ounces on sale for $6.99 (reg price $10.99) and 30 fluid ounces on sale for $12.99 (reg price $19.99).

Along with those items that will be on sale in May, we carry a number of other Fair Trade products:

Yogi Tea – teas made with a dedication to supporting quality, sustainability, and social responsibility, both at the local level and globally.

Guayaki – yerba mate made by a company which has “integrated the regeneration of people, community, and nature into our business model.”

Honest Tea – using Fair Trade certified ingredients, including cane sugar, is a priority for their iced teas.

Nutiva – they prioritize a wide range of socially and environmentally responsible initiatives, including obtaining Fair Trade certification.

Farmhouse Chocolates – a number of their ingredients, including cocoa beans, are Fair Trade certified.

Lake Champlain Chocolates – Fair Trade certified ingredients are used whenever possible.

Organic India Tea – among their socially responsible practices are “paying a fair wage and providing a life of dignity for our farmers.”

Hail Merry – they utilize certified Fair Trade dark cocoa powder and vegan dark chocolate chips in their products.

La Riojana– they were the first Fair Trade certified olive oil producer in Argentina and Latin America, in 2015.

Chameleon Cold-Brew – they are dedicated to a mission of “developing long-term economic, environmental, and social sustainability through compassionate leadership throughout the coffee supply chain.”

Lily’s Sweets – their ingredients are harvested through Fair Trade practices.

Runa – energy drinks made with certified Fair Trade ingredients.

Rebbl Drinks – they strive to crate positive impacts socially and environmentally, for their community and the planet, including a dedication to ending human trafficking.

Little Secrets – all of their candy is made with Fair Trade chocolate.

Green & Black’s Chocolate – they use Fair Trade certified cocoa, cane sugar and vanilla in their chocolate bars.