May Local Focus

Our community extends well beyond the walls of the Co-op. Each month, we shine the spotlight on a new group of local partners to help share their stories and celebrate their role in our community.

Featured Vendor: West Meadow Farm Bakery

For anyone with celiac disease who wants to enjoy breads and sweets, it can be difficult at times to find quality products that are gluten-free but also delicious and of high quality. Since 2003, Lois Blaisdell has been one of the bakers in our region providing just that, delicious, high-quality products for those who need a gluten-free diet. West Meadow Farm Bakery, our featured local vendor for May, has grown quite a lot since its inception when Lois was working part-time out of her home. Read our interview with her here.

Featured Community Partner: People’s Health and Wellness Clinic

No matter what your situation in life, navigating the world of health insurance can be a daunting task. When you are among the uninsured, that task can seem insurmountable. Since 1994, People’s Health & Wellness Clinic in Barre, our Featured Community Partner for May, has been working to support the uninsured people of central Vermont and doing so through the inspiring work of numerous volunteer healthcare practitioners. They now provide free healthcare to many while having few of their own employees and keeping costs low. We spoke with Executive Director Rebecca Goldfinger-Fein to find out more about the invaluable work the clinic and its volunteers do every day. Read the full interview here.

Bag that Bag to Help a Neighbor in Need

Help support the Montpelier Food Pantry every time you shop at Hunger Mountain Co-op just by remembering your reusable bags! For each bag, basket or box that you use at the register, we will donate five cents to the Food Pantry. In April, this totaled $1,136.70 and saved 22,734 paper bags. Since July, you have helped to raise a total of $9,482.50 and saved 189,671 bags. Since launching this program in July 2016, we have donated $29,934.35 to the food pantry and replaced 598,708 paper bags. Read more about the work of Just Basics, Inc and the Food Pantry here.

Member-Owner of the Month: John McGuiggan

Our Member-Owner of the month is John McGuiggan, veteran of Truckload Sales and Annual Meeting. Read more about him here.

Featured Artist: Todd Cummings

Our café artist of the month is Todd Cummings, whose work features the natural beauty of Vermont presented in a unique and beautiful way. Read our interview with him here.

Community Events

We also offer a variety of workshops, events, and vendor demos to delight and inform our shoppers. View our calendar for upcoming events here.