Customer Comments 5/17/19


Customer Question: Please stock Wild Brine Probiotic Spicy Kimchi Sriracha. It’s the best and we need it!
Co-op Answer: Thank you for your input! We are definitely looking at expanding our fermented hot sauce selection. We would like to focus on local options first, but will certainly look into Wildbrine as well. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: We are really missing the (Red) Hot version of Field Roast Grain Meat Sausage which you carried up until the last couple mos. Please bring back! Thank you!
A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately we discontinued this product due to slower sales. We did bring in a new Vegan Chorizo from Lesser Evil Foods. You may also still special order this product by the case which comes in frozen and would keep well. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Thank you, thank you for bringing in Watermelon Rose Kevita! I look forward to seeing it on the shelves!
A: Thank you for your input! It should be out on the shelf by the end of the month. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Would it be possible to carry Luna and Larry’s Brownie Walnut flavor ice cream?
A: Thank you for your input! We have space for a couple of new flavors, so we will give this one a try. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Geefree puff pastry (frozen) really good please carry.
A: Thank you for your input! We have been trying to order this product for awhile with no luck. We will be trying a new distributor soon so hopefully we will see it on the shelf then. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Can you please carry Just Mayo brand?
A: Thank you for your input. We decided to discontinue this brand because it was so frequently out of stock from the manufacturer and our shelf was sitting empty for weeks at a time. You may still special order this item by the case. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: More Myers bagels and different kinds. Maple/Blueberry/Raisin.
A: Thank you for your input! We don’t have space to expand our selection but we are in the process of ordering more split bins which could open up the opportunity for more flavors. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Would like the So Delicious creamer in french vanilla pints available in the cooler.
A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, the space in our cooler is extremely limited. We dropped this product because it is one of the slowest sellers in the section and many customers were asking for us to try new brands and styles of non-dairy creamers. You may still order this product by the case. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: How about quarts of silk soy creamer?
A: Thank you for your input! I really like the idea of this as a way to reduce packaging, but the pint size is not currently selling well enough to expand this line in such a limited-space area. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: I have noticed the Co-op is now carrying Xochitl chips. I was wondering if you could source their amazing salsas. The red is my favorite, also amazing on fish and chicken.
A: Thank you for your input! Our current salsa set is very full (especially with all of our wonderful local options). However, we will certainly consider this brand when we next do a category review. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Can you please begin carrying Siggi’s kefir?
A: Thank you for your input! We magically do have space in this section right now. I will see how many flavors we can bring in. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: You carry Natural by Nature whipped cream. They make one with brown sugar that’s even better. Would you consider carrying it?
A: Thank you for your input. I have tried this product and it is incredible. Unfortunately, our current flavor is not a strong seller for us regularly and doesn’t really justify trying a new flavor. However, this product does great at the holidays – we could definitely try it out then. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Please always carry Violife vegan feta and Kite Hill ricotta! They make me so happy!
A: You’re welcome and thanks! -Bibi, Cheese Buyer
A: I am so glad you enjoy the Kite Hill Vegan Ricott! -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Would you consider stocking Moringa Hot Chocolate? So good.
A: Thank you for your input! This sounds like a very unique product. Hot Cocoa doesn’t sell very well for us most of the year so I don’t know that we could currently make room for this product right now. I will keep my ears open for more requests. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: May I request more milk chocolate? I know it’s not as healthy or popular as dark chocolate, but some of us like it anyway. I noticed Tony’s brand has been sold out for awhile, maybe there are more of us who prefer it! P.S. I forgot to mention on my previous request on carrying/stocking more mill chocolate bars that I meant just plain chocolate. For those of us who do not like nuts/seeds/fruit/herbs/spices mixed in. Thank you!
A: Thank you for your input! Milk chocolate us definitely making a comeback which I love. We are working on a reset of our chocolate bar section right now and we are planning to add in the Endangered Species plain milk chocolate bar. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Please bring back cheddar sesame sticks!
A: This product may come back in the future… -Terry, Bulk Buyer

Q: Your otherwise excellent selection of dry beans could use a broad, flat variety such as Lima or Greek gigantes beans.
A: Thank you for your suggestion. We currently stock a baby Lima bean which has temporarily been moved to our wheat-free section. -Terry, Bulk Buyer

Food Services

Q: I’m wondering why the cream cheese is now in expensive plastic boxes as opposed to the saran wrap previously used. My concern is the ecological cost.
A: Thanks for your comment. The plastic containers have a safety seal and are recyclable, whereas saran wrap would leak and sometimes get broken. -Bibi, Cheese Buyer

Q: I’d like to suggest colored tape on the packages of cream cheese – used to be wrapped cream cheese. Would make unwrapping easier.
A: Something to think about if we go back to wrapping in saran wrap. -Bibi, Cheese Buyer

Q: Bring your own non-plastic container to hot bar. I don’t want your plastic one or the disposable. If I can bring my own for everything else, dry or wet! Why not?
A: It is because we operate under state guideline/permits as a restaurant when it comes to the deli. The health code does not allow us to have customers bring their own service items that have not been sanitized in our operation. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Once again – three kinds of muffins but no scones. Why so anti-scone? Why not two flavors of scone everyday!
A: What time are you coming in? Please stop by and let me know. We typically try to run out of these items by 3 pm at the latest to ensure the highest quality. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: No canola oil. Stop using it in the prepared foods and baked goods.
A: I understand the debate about canola oil. The GMO free certified oil we use is in the Spectrum oil and may that we sell here at the Co-op and meets all of our strict guidelines for purchasing and selling at the store. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Could you please stock the salad bar with smaller (bite-sized) pieces of broccoli? The pieces are huge and too big for salad.
A: Yes! Will do. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Can you put ice cream on hot bar?
A: No, sorry to say it but no. Perhaps single serve ice cream snacks in the freezer case? -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Keep up the excellent work in the deli – hot bar is excellent and clean!
A: Thanks for that. The crew always appreciates hearing that. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: The sushi on 5/5 was the best I’ve ever had here. That person should be making it every day. Thanks for the tasty snack!
A: Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: PLease no plastic containers for fish/salad/meat etc. — case paper. Thanks.
A: I would welcome alternatives that allow our customers to inspect the products and keep an air-tight seal to maximize shelf life and freshness. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: Please carry local Peaceful Harvest mushrooms!
A: Thank you for your suggestion. We are currently working with this vendor to find a solution that works for both of us. -Laura, Wellness Manager

Q: Please sell local medicinal mushroom products by Peaceful Harvest. Their products are superior to your current non-local competitors.
A: Thank you for your comment and suggestion. We are working with Peaceful Harvest to find a solution that works for all of us. -Laura, Wellness Manager

Q: Wondering why you changed your Spry gum containers to plastic. Icky! Other Co-ops are still selling the paper packaging.
A: Our Spry gum has the same packaging it’s had for years. Some paper packaging options include: Glee, Simply Gum and Eco-Dent dental gum (in dental are). Thank you for your concern regarding packaging. -Laura, Wellness Manager

Q: Local CBD please, Aromed?
A: All of our CBD products are both locally grown and produced. We carry SunSoil, Luce Farm and Elmore Mountain Therapeutics. We may be adding others as the market expands. -Laura, Wellness Manager


Q: Ask customers if they would like a receipt.
A: Not printing a receipt has never been an option in our system. The system recently had an upgrade and now not printing a receipt is an option. The cashiers will start asking if whether you want a receipt or not in the next few days. -Sonia, Front End Manager

Q: Please ad a high-viz strip (orange/reflective) to the power junction box near the electric car charger so we are less likely to hit it. Thanks.
A: Okay, I think we can do that. Thanks for the suggestion. -Mary, Facilities Manager

Q: Cafe tables really need work – disgustingly sticky. Thanks!
A: Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we are ware and working to schedule them to be refinished. Thanks again. -Mary, Facilities Manager

Q: I very much appreciate the effort made to keep the grounds at the Co-op and the interiors neat, clean and free of litter. It gives me a lift every time I shop her. Thank you all!
A: Thank you for your kind words and thank you to our Facilities team for their hard work. -Mary, Facilities Manager

Q: The front end folks are awesome! Wellness and the back end folks are awesome. Heck, you’re all awesome!
A: Thank you very much! -Kari, General Manager

Q: Please stop carrying products with palm oil (shelf stable though it may be). Let’s not support the extinction of orangutans!
A: We share your concern about the impact on rain forest, so we try to source Palm Safe Certified palm oil. Palm oil has become widely used since partially hydrogenated oils became disallowed. I understand that most palm oil from plantations is used as fuel not food. -Kari, General Manager

Q: Replace parking lot sign “state law – stop for pedestrians”. This is not state law and gives pedestrians to believe cars are required to do so, stat law is “yield to pedestrians, slowing or stopping if necessary”. Stop publicizing this “fake news”.
A: We plan to replace that sign this quarter. Thanks. -Kari, General Manager

Q: Regarding the large poster at the front entrance of a woman and the word “community”: reminds me of using sex to sell cars. Just sayin’.
A: I am surprised to hear that. -Kari, General Manager

Q: Co-op customers: please be aware of personal space! Stop hovering on top of people at the hot bar! Stop running into customers with your cart!
A: My sympathies. There are times when the Co-op gets extremely crowded. It’s a good reminder to mind others’ personal space. -Kari, General Manager

Q: Dear Hunger Mountain Co-op,
Remember when everyone put their groceries in a Co-op paper bag after checking out? And now, most everyone brings their own bag, saving waste and trees etc. Real progress.
We could be at a similar point with paper cups. How many paper cups do shoppers consume every day? How easy would it be to carry our own cups for our deli coffee and leave the paper ones unused? (I/we can even carry my/our reusable cup in my own cloth grocery bag).
How about signage suggesting coffee shoppers bring their own reusable cups? “Did you remember your bag? Did you remember your cup?
Could post a tally – how many shoppers brought their reusable cup?
Let’s do it! Please consider. Thanks.
A: Thank you. We like this idea and are working on some reminder signage for cups and other reusables. BTW – customer reuse of shopping bags is up over 15% annual basis over the past few months! -Kari, General Manager

Q: I suggest the coop have “please don’t idle your car signs several places in the parking lot. Thanks.
A: Thank you. We will start by replacing the “no idling” sign at the front of the store. -Kari, General Manager

Q: Could you compost more things please? At our coop we compost paper towels, napkins, compostable food boxes and cutlery. And use a large bin!
A: Thank you for the suggestion! We recently became able to compost the bamboo cutlery (yay!) and are working to expand into other paper goods as our compost facility allows. -Emma, Customer Service Rep

Q: How about you eliminate products in Tetrapak as they can’t be recycled?
A: We discussed this and given the prevalence of Tetrapak packaging for soup, broth and non-dairy beverages, eliminating is not feasible at this time. We do offer recyclable options for soup and broth. -Kari, General Manager
Update: Tetrapaks are not recyclable in VT but you can mail them to The Carton Council. -Emma