Fuel Your Outdoor Adventures

Spring is quickly turning into summer and it’s time to get outside. Our beautiful state has countless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, from paddling on a lake to hiking up a mountain. And the Co-op has all the fuel you need for those outdoor excursions. Here are some of our staff’s favorite places to go, and their go-to snacks to bring with them.

O.W.L bars, all varieties. And add Trace PowerPak to your water,” says Graphic Artist Mary Trafton. “My favorite loop is great for many reasons. One is that it starts and ends in the same place: Underhill State Park. In the height of hiking season, get to the Park early because parking can be hard to find later in the morning and into the afternoon. Hike up the Laura Cowles Trail, which takes you to the Mansfield summit ridge and the junction with Sunset Ridge Trail. A quick hop onto the Long Trail north will get you to the summit of Mansfield. Descend via Sunset Ridge Trail, which has spectacular views. Remember to fuel up and hydrate. The loop is exciting, exhilarating, and can be tiring. O.W.L bars and Trace PowerPak will give you the extra boost of energy that you might not know you need!”

Assistant Grocery Manager Rowan Sherwood recommends packing an “Alpine Lunch” when you’re headed out for a hike. “I often include our Genuine Bavarian multi-grain bread, it’s very dense and travels well, Ski Queen Norwegian brown cheese, Bar Harbor smoked kippers, or a Vermont Smoke and Cure summer sausage, and a Lake Champlain chocolate bar. And even though it may sound kind of cheesy, I really like to hike Mount Hunger.  There are amazing 360 degree views at the top, and a great place to rest after the rock scramble to eat your alpine lunch!”

“My version of summer hiking is a stroll to the park with my book and a cold, caffeinated beverage,” notes Lead Grocery Buyer Olivia Dunton. “Rebbl cold brew coffee protein drink is so satisfying and energizing. It’s vegan and gluten-free, with 14 grams of protein and only 4 grams of sugar.” She adds that our newest product from Squirrel’s Granola, Graupel Granola, is another perfect hiking companion, saying, “It’s perfectly snackable granola in chocolate and cinnamon varieties, great for packing for the trail.”

If you’re interested in a relaxing paddle in a canoe or kayak, Waterbury Center State Park is an ideal location, according to Community Relations Assistant Manager Robert Barossi. “It’s a spectacular view from the top of the grassy hill, which is an awesome picnic spot. The reservoir provides an excellent opportunity for some relaxing, easy paddling, but there’s also a short trail system, perfect for trail running or a leisurely stroll. Be sure to bring some Kalahari Biltong air dried beef, which will have you never buying any other kind of beef jerky. Made from beef raised without antibiotics or hormones, it also has no fillers, sugar, or preservatives. And it’s just about life-changing.”

Through June 18, you can also create your own trail mix at the center of our store, where we’ll have a mini bulk section stocked with make your own trail mix ingredients. We’ll also be raffling off a Vermont State Parks punch card, valued at $30, good for ten child or adult admissions to Vermont State Parks for a day visit.