Bylaws Committee Plans Next Steps

The Bylaws Committee is wrapping up its initial round of feedback on the committee’s preliminary proposal for new bylaws. The work immediately ahead involves incorporating the many ideas received into a draft that we expect to be prepared to share with members over the summer. This is all leading up to a vote at a specially called member meeting at a date to be determined, potentially in the fall.

A summary of the process and material on the initial proposal for new bylaws are here . The committee held three public forums, scheduled for different times of day and both on weekdays and a Saturday, plus held other meetings with members and employees. Some input was solicited by email and any further emailed input will continue to be considered. Committee members also tabled numerous times at the Co-op to inform people of the changes and the forums.

Details of the next steps will be guided by a discussion with the Council at their July 1 meeting. The committee hopes to use one or two meetings in July to agree on revisions to the draft proposed bylaws, based on feedback from members and employees. We would like to develop a draft of the exact language to be voted on. We then envision forums over the summer to explain our work and get further input from members and employees.

For voting on the revisions, the current bylaws require a vote at a member meeting. You must be present to vote! As we get further in the process, we’ll announce the date, time, and location of the member meeting; again, we’re aiming for this fall.

Committee meetings are open to the public; regular meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesday from 4 to 6 pm in the Co-op Community Room, at least through July 9, and possibly through July 23. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know by coming to a meeting or emailing us at Thanks!

Carl Etnier
Committee Chair