July Member-Owner of the Month: Marie DiCocco

Our member-owners are part of a collaborative effort that creates numerous positive impacts for our community, both near and far. The Co-op would not be successful without the support and involvement of all our members, including those who shop here, round up at the register, bring reusable bags, serve on committees, and volunteer at events.

Recognizing a member-owner of the month is just one of the ways we say thank you to those members who have been such an important part of everything we do. This month, we recognize Marie DiCocco, a familiar face at Truckload Sale and the raffle table at our Annual Meeting.

1)     How long have you been a member-owner?

I joined the Co-op in 2008, shortly after buying a home in Vermont. I ran a buying club in northern Virginia for over 10 years before moving to Vermont, so I understood the principles and knew I wanted to be part of something similar here. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Co-op staff and working with them as a volunteer.

2)    What is something you love about your Co-op?

I love the various opportunities to volunteer, which have the added benefit of giving me a discount on my purchases. These opportunities allow me to meet other people in the community, which is not always easy to do in our rural environment. I would encourage others to volunteer any time the opportunity arises – it’s fun, you get to meet and work with others, and you get a discount for your time!

3)    What are your favorite products?

My number one essential is the Stafford Creamline Milk in glass bottles. In Northern Virginia, I had a farmer who delivered the same kind of milk to our home, so I love being able to get the same quality milk here. Knowing that I’m not adding to the waste stream and getting non-homogenized milk is an added plus. We also typically shop for produce, bulk items, meats, and last, but not least, Muir Glen tomatoes!