August Member-Only Specials

One of the benefits of being a member-owner at the Co-op is the opportunity to take advantage of our monthly Member-Owner Specials. More than just remarkable deals, they are also a chance to support many of our local vendors and producers.

During August, we will be featuring a wide variety of products on sale in departments including frozen, bakery, bulk, wellness, meat, and cheese. There will also be two Member-Owner Coupons, $2 off a $10 purchase at our hot bar (July 31 – August 13) and $7 off a $30 purchase in our meat & seafood department (August 14 – September 3). See the coupons here.

Every month, the Member-Owner Specials include a variety of producers from our surrounding communities, providing members the opportunity to support our local food system. Kingdom Creamery of Vermont is a local success story, a family-run dairy that has been around and operated by the Michaud family for three generations. Now with over 1,000 cows in their herd, grazing over the rolling green hills of the Northeast Kingdom, they offer high-quality milk and other dairy products, like the ice cream pints that will be on sale in August for $2.99.

If you’re in the freezer section buying some ice cream, be sure to get some dinner to go with your dessert by picking up Goodman’s frozen pizza, on sale for $11.99. Based in Ludlow, VT, their wood-fired pizzas are made with the freshest ingredients possible.

Two small area bakeries have items on sale in our bakery section. Red Door Bakery’s delicious assorted bars will $1.79, and Colatina Bakery’s assorted rolls will be $3.29. Nearby in the cooler by the bulk section, members will find more fantastic local items on sale. Vermont Fresh vodka tomato sauce will be $5.69 and corn tortillas from All Souls Tortilleria, our featured local vendor for August, will be $3.19.

For more than 30 years, Applegate Farms has been producing meats free of added nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, artificial ingredients or preservatives, from animals raised humanely without antibiotics or hormones. Three of their products will be on sale, genoa salami for $3.49, oven-roasted turkey for $3.99, and slow-cooked ham for $4.49. Be sure to pick up some cheese to go with those, Maplebrook Farm smoked feta, Grafton Village smoked chili cheddar, VT Farmstead Cheese sugarhouse edam, and Vermont Creamery Coupole aged goat cheese will all be on sale.

Deals for members on amazing products are found throughout the store, starting when you first walk in, right by the front door, where you’ll find Bove’s pizza sauce on sale for $2.29. Across the way in the first aisle, Nutty Steph’s packaged granola will be on sale for $11.99, and in the very next aisle, Butterfly Bakery of Vermont’s mustards will be $4.99.

When you stop by the café register to purchase something from our hot bar and use the Member-Only Coupon to get $2 off, pick up an O.W.L. energy bar for $2.69 and grab some Kingdom Kombucha for $2.99 or some organic cold-pressed juices from Pulp Kitchen ($6.29 for 12oz. or $4.29 for 8oz.) out of the beverage case. After your meal, stop by the bulk department, where you’ll find some great items on sale, including Patrick’s totally oatally granola, ginger bootstrap granola, and lemon coconut granola, and Tierra Farm’s roasted curry cashews, roasted sea salt & onion cashews, roasted unsalted cashews, and roasted salted cashews.

After you’re done with all that shopping, grab some coffee from Awake, on sale for $10.49, or pick up some rejuvenation tea from Zack Woods Herb Farm, found over by the wellness department, for $7.49. Located in Hyde Park, Zack Woods is a certified organic medicinal herb farm with a commitment to quality and integrity in everything they do. In wellness, cards from local photographer Kelly Taft will also be on sale for $3.39.