November Featured Vendor – Stonewood Farm

Our co-op works with nearly 500 local vendors and has more than 3,000 local products on its shelves. Last year, local products equaled 40% of our overall sales. Each month, we shine the spotlight on a featured local vendor to help share their stories and celebrate their role in our community.

cooked turkey

To kick off the holiday season, we are pleased to feature Stonewood Farm for the month of November. Located on 1,000 acres in Orwell, Vermont, Stonewood Farm has been providing humanely raised turkeys since 1976. When Paul and Francis Stone began a dairy farm, they could not have known that three generations later they would be a local institution, gracing tables across New England with flavorful self-basting turkeys. 

Today Paul Stone and his wife Siegrid Mertens raise 34,000 turkeys annually.  The turkeys are raised naturally, without hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products added to their feed. They spend their days in spacious open-sided barns with plenty of fresh air and sunlight to help them grow. Because they are given time to grow at a natural pace, the flavor is exceptional, and the meat remains juicy. All of their turkeys are raised and processed right on the farm – you can’t get more sustainable than that!

In addition to featuring Stonewood turkeys every November, we carry their other products year-round. Look for Stonewood’s ground turkey and sausage in our freezer case. And if you are looking for a wholesome snack to compliment your holiday meal, check out their popcorn in our bulk foods section. 

Place your order for a  fresh, Vermont turkey by Monday, Nov. 18! There are three ways to place your turkey order: Fill out our online turkey order form, call us at (802) 223-8000, or order in person at the customer service desk. If you need to order more than one turkey, please fill out a separate form for each one. Turkeys will be available for pickup at the turkey table in the center of the store from 8 am to 8 pm starting Sunday, Nov. 24 through Wednesday, Nov. 27.