Meat and Seafood Holiday Orders

Order by 8 pm on Sunday, Dec. 15. Meats available for pickup starting Dec. 20.

Steak photo


North Country Smokehouse

Applewood Smoked Hams
Bone-in half (8–10 lbs)$7.99/lb
Bone-in whole (16–20 lbs)$7.99/lb
Boneless half (4–5 lbs)$8.99/lb
Boneless whole (8–9 lbs)$8.99/lb
Spiral-Cut Honey Glazed Hams
Half (7–8 lbs)$8.99/lb
Whole (16–18 lbs)$8.99/lb


Locally-raised crown roasts $11.99/lb


Misty Knoll Farms

Fresh, locally-raised whole turkeys (15–17 lbs available) $4.69/lb

Other Fresh Poultry

Duck (approx. 5 lbs)$5.49/lb
Capon (8–10 lbs)$8.59/lb
Poussin (1–1.5 lbs)$8.99/lb
Locally raised semi-boneless quail (2 7-oz)$14.99
Locally raised bone-in quail (2 8-oz)$13.99
Goose (approx. 12 lbs) – Goose order deadline: 12/11$12.99/lb


Locally Raised Tenderloins and Prime Ribs

Prices and availability vary by farm.


Rabbit, fryer (3 lbs)$13.99/lb
Rabbit, roaster (4 lbs)$11.99/lb

Game and Lamb

Venison, squab, wild boar, leg of lamb, and more. Prices and availability vary.


A wide variety of options are available, market prices apply. Scallops, lobster, fresh oysters, salmon sides.

Due to natural variation, weights are approximate. For product and pricing information, call (802) 262-3204. Orders may be placed at our customer service desk or by calling (802) 262-3204.