Local Love

We define local as anything grown or value-added in the state of Vermont or within 100 miles of our co-op. Local is ingrained in every aspect of what we do, and our support of local goods and vendors can be found throughout the store.

Local signs in chip and salsa aisle

These are just a few of the ways you and the Co-op had a huge local impact last year:

  • $9.7 million in local product sales, close to 40% of our total sales
  • 480 Vermont vendors provided goods & services
  • 37,012 dozens of local eggs sold
  • 71,663 pounds of local apples sold
  • $46,249 in donations to local organizations

We carry a wide variety of local products, many of which are among our staff’s favorites. 

Lead Grocery Buyer, Olivia says, “Patchwork Farm Polenta Bread is full in flavor, with a perfect crust and soft interior. My husband and I love to fry thick slices of bread in the leftover bacon fat for Saturday morning breakfast.”

Our Wellness Buyer, Michael, loves the Elderberry Syrup from Samhain Herbs, saying, “It gives deep immune support for the cold winter months. With a really nice flavor profile, it’s a great way to stay healthy during cold and flu season or all year long!”

Assistant Grocery Manager Doni likes to use Rogers Farmstead milk for his morning cappuccino. “This milk makes the best foamed milk for my cappuccino in the morning. There are other great milks out there, but if you want a local whole milk for your fancy coffee drinks, try this one.”

Dillon, weekend Grocery Stocker likes Brio Costa Rica Tarrazu, roasted in Burlington with notes of berry and caramel. Perfect for those who love a light roast.

Our house-made sushi and nori rolls hit the spot for Elly, HR Assistant at the Co-op.  When you need a quick lunch with a solid “Yum!” go for the sushi.

The whole line of Does Leap goat cheeses comes highly recommended by Brenda, Cheese Assistant. The goats feed primarily on pasture and browse, giving the cheese a distinct, unparalleled flavor.

Jay, Human Resources Manager, starts the day with Quaker Hill Maple Cashew Granola. “This Granola is delicious, with lots of nuts, and not too sweet. I especially like it as a hot cereal with lots of fresh fruit and yogurt on top.”

The Co-op’s own kale salad is a go-to lunch for Mary, Storekeeping Manager. She says, “It’s delicious and deeply nourishing.”

Core Worker Paul considers Heady Topper to be a Vermont essential. Oak Knoll chocolate goat milk is another one of his favorites.

Laura, Wellness Manager, graces her table with Vermont Honey Lights candles on the long evenings of winter. 100% beeswax and hand-crafted in Bristol, VT, these tapers are long burning and come in both rounds and unique squares.

Whether it’s caused by the dry heat indoors or the harsh cold outside, dryness is an issue for many in the winter. Vermont Bee Balm’s simple, hand-crafted lip balm is long-lasting and soothing. Made from locally sourced beeswax and olive oil, it’s offered at an excellent price and is another favorite of Laura’s.  

Another way we shine the spotlight on our local vendors is by having them in for live product demos. Throughout February, we’ve got a great lineup, including Peter Turmelle Honey on February 1, 15, and 22 from 11:00 am–3:00 pm, Farmhouse Chocolates on February 8 from 11:00 am–2:00 pm, Ariel’s Honey Infusions on February 13 from 3:30–6:00 pm. Visit our event calendar for more information and to see full listings.

Every month, we also feature a local nonprofit organization as the recipient of our Give Change program. Customers have the chance to round up their purchase to the next dollar and that “change” becomes part of a collective effort to support those organizations and their programs and has a direct impact on our local community. Good Samaritan Haven (GSH) is our featured community partner for February. On Valentine’s Day, Friday the 14th, we will match all of the funds donated through our customers rounding up at the register. All of the change you can give on that day will be doubled and provide even greater support to GSH.

Dedicated to transforming the lives of people experiencing homelessness, GSH is more than just a homeless shelter. They have a variety of facilities that provide guests with shelter beds, essential items to meet their basic needs, and a wide variety of support services to help them gain employment, apply for benefits, find treatment or locate stable housing. The organization is working to reduce homelessness in Central Vermont while prioritizing that every person is treated with dignity, compassion and respect during their time of need.

Visit Good Samaritan’s website. You can also fill out our Give Change opt-in form to be asked at the register if you would like to round up your purchase when you shop.