Valentine’s Dinner Made Easy

Salmon dinner

Are you looking to make the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner at home? Hunger Mountain Co-op’s prepared foods department provides a range of offerings that can help get dinner started, be the featured item on your plate, or the side dish that ties it all together.

In the Grab n’ Go case, you will find wild-caught salmon and grilled chicken breast raised with vegetarian-feed and no antibiotics. For something a little different, consider breakfast for dinner with a quiche made in our co-op’s kitchen. With both a meat and a vegetarian option, our Prepared Foods Manager Doug Barg describes the quiche as “focused on the filling. They are more substantive and a little less delicate.”

Another excellent option for your special meal is Ginger Garlic Tofu. It’s one of the Co-op’s most popular items, and is available daily on the hot bar or packaged in the Grab n’ Go case. Part of the reason for its popularity, says Chef Doug, is the method of preparation. “If you sear the tofu, it gets this crispy texture on the outside while maintaining the soft texture on the inside. You get a little caramelization from the process and end up getting more depth of flavor and a contrast of textures.”

The Co-op’s hot bar is a perfect opportunity to get just what you need, with a vegetarian option always included with meat-based choices. Chef Doug notes that the macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, and pulled pork are a few of the most popular items you’ll frequently find on the hot bar. From the selection of entrees and accompaniments, you can select what you want and need for your delicious meal at home. The hot bar menu is posted weekly online.

All of the produce, beans, and grains used in the Co-op’s kitchen are organic or locally sourced. All of the meat and dairy ingredients are organic, local, or all-natural. They offer made-to-order hot and cold sandwiches, breakfast all day, daily specials, a hot bar, salad bar, and freshly prepared Grab n’ Go products.