COVID-19 Member & Shopper Update 3/17/20

Dear Hunger Mountain Co-op Community,

So much has changed over the last week, it is challenging to keep up. Given the many needs and many unknowns, we do our best to prioritize. Going forward, our co-op is prioritizing the safety of our employees and our shoppers while maintaining a steady supply of high-quality food for the community.

To that end here are a few updates:

Like other stores regionally and across the country, we are experiencing disruptions in our supply of products. We are working hard to bring in the staple foods and wellness items that shoppers need right now. We encourage you to check the Co-op’s Facebook page for daily updates on our inventory. As the CDC recommends, please limit purchases to no more than a two-week supply so that there is enough for others.

We are taking multiple actions to reduce the pathways for cross-contamination. Beginning today, we have closed our food bar and café seating area, and shifted toward prepackaged and takeout options. Likewise, we are changing the way we sell mixed salad greens and other produce items along with individual muffins, bagels, and other baked goods. Our bulk foods department will be a work in progress as we shift to bagged versions of popular items that are not cooked like nuts and granola. We are also temporarily suspending special orders while we prioritize staples for everyone.

In the coming days, we expect to shift our hours of operation as we adjust to new levels of staffing, customer demand, and product supply. A reduced schedule will also provide much-needed time for stocking and cleaning. Look for more information on this later in the week.

Over the coming weeks, we are asking you to adjust your shopping to protect yourself and others:

• Do not come to the Co-op if you are symptomatic of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath).
• Please reserve the first hour of business (currently 8:00-9:00 am) for high-risk shoppers including seniors and those with underlying health issues.
• Consider ways to minimize trips for your neighbors and family.
• Shop solo when possible.
• Maintain distance from others to the extent possible.

Another thing we can all do is to reach out to food shelves in our community to donate. We need to support those who are most in need in this time of crisis.

Let’s all appreciate Co-op staff for their public service. They are working under great stress to provide access to the food and wellness products that we all need to nourish our families in times of uncertainty. Many thanks to you, as well, for your patience and support.

As a community, we are responding to this pandemic with compassion and courage. We are doing our best to support everyone as we work together in these unprecedented times.

Be well,
Kari Bradley, General Manager