Guide to Safe Shopping for the Holidays

A huge THANK YOU to the entire Co-op community for a safe and successful Thanksgiving holiday. We appreciate everyone’s efforts to follow the safety guidelines and we hope you were able to get everything you needed for a joyful holiday. Let us all give special appreciation to the Co-op staff whose hard work and dedication made it possible.
With another big food holiday under our belts, we know it’s possible for our community to stay safe if we stick to the shopping practices that have worked so far. We want your holidays to be special and safe. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

What We Are Doing

  • Our Curbside Pick-Up program features 5,000+ products and expanded pick-up options.
  • We have further reduced the number of shoppers inside to provide adequate spacing.
  • Our hours of operation have expanded to 8 am–8 pm daily through December.
  • The 9–10 am hour continues to be reserved for high-risk shoppers, including seniors and those with underlying health conditions.
  • During the high-risk hour, the number of shoppers in the store will be limited to 30.
  • We’ve decreased the number of displays typically in our aisles to provide more space while adding additional placements of our most popular items, like milk and butter.
  • We will continue to provide hand-sanitizer, masks, and gloves for those who need them and continue our regular disinfection routines.

We all play a role in keeping our community healthy. We ask that you consider:

  • Shopping online through our Curbside Pick-Up program
  • Creating a shopping list to help shop efficiently
  • Stocking up early on your holiday favorites
  • Shopping earlier or later in the day, or on Sundays (See our real-time occupancy counter)
  • Shopping alone to the extent possible
  • Visiting the Co-op only as often as you need to
  • Minimizing your socializing while shopping

Shop Online & Pick-Up Curbside

Our Curbside Pick-Up program offers over 5,000 of the Co-op’s products online. Our goal is for your experience to be as easy, convenient, and safe as possible.

How does it work?

  • Hunger Mountain Co-op members can order online anytime. Pick-up times are available seven days a week between 11 am and 7 pm.
  • There are no additional fees for ordering online.
  • When you arrive at the Co-op to pick up your order, pull up past the front doors to the designated parking spots. Call the number on the sign and let us know your name and the spot where you are parked. We will retrieve your order and place it in the trunk or hatch for you.

If our Curbside Pick-Up program does not meet your needs, let us know. You can also consider making a list and having someone come into the store to shop for you. They may use your member number with no special accommodations.

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