COVID-19 Shopper Info

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About COVID-19

For a general overview of the virus, specific information about avoiding and treating the illness, vaccine information and regular updates, we recommend the Vermont Department of Health website.

How Our Co-op is Responding

So much has changed in the last year. We adapted quickly to a new way of doing things, and our co-op community has been overwhelmingly supportive. Our team continues to work hard hard to provide a safe shopping experience. Here’s the latest from our General Manager. 

In April 2020, we installed plexiglass shields at cash registers and required masks of everyone entering the Co-op. These will remain in place for the forseeable future.

We’re continuing to provide enhanced pay and benefits to our employees during this stressful time.

Our current hours are 9 am – 7 pm daily, with the 9–10 am hour reserved for high-risk shoppers. As the Forward Vermont plan unfolds and as the numbers indicate, we will adjust our hours and eliminate the high-risk shopping hour. 

We’ve limited the number of shoppers in the store at one time to provide ample spacing. See our real-time occupancy counter. Again, as we move out of this crisis, we will keep our attention on the numbers and adjust occupancy limits as appropriate. 

There will continue to be hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and masks in many locations throughout the store.

We will continue with an enhanced cleaning regimen, which includes disinfecting all frequently-touched parts of our store multiple times a day.

We look forward to opening our hot and cold food bar and are awaiting guidance on when it is safe to do so. Stay tuned for updates.  

Green Home Solutions now applies an antimicrobial surface protectant named Green Surface Protect that will protect the handles on our carts and baskets for up to a month.

Shopper Code of Conduct

For the sake of everyone’s health, we ask the following:

Do not come to the Co-op if you are symptomatic of COVID-19.

Wear a face covering that covers both your nose and mouth.

Reserve the first hour of business (9–10 am) for high-risk shoppers, which includes seniors and those with underlying health conditions.

Maintain at least a six-foot distance from others.

Shop efficiently and socialize outdoors.

Consider ways to minimize shopping trips for yourself and your neighbors and family.

Shop solo, including without children, to the extent possible.

Cover your cough/sneeze, wash hands, use sanitizer, and try to touch only the products you purchase.

Use your credit card/debit card instead of cash whenever possible.

Everyone should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer after shopping at the Co-op.

Online Ordering with Curbside Pick-Up

Hunger Mountain Co-op members can order online anytime. Pick-up times are available seven days a week between 11 am and 7 pm. There are no additional fees for ordering online. When you arrive at the Co-op to pick-up your groceries, pull up past the front doors to the designated parking spots. Call the number on the sign and let us know your name and the spot where you are parked. We will retrieve your order and place it in the trunk or hatch for you. Place your order!  If you need help setting up an account, watch this video. 

The Virus and Food

Currently, there is no evidence to support the transmission of COVID-19 associated with food. There are no reported cases of transmission from food products or packaging.

Other Information Resources

Center for Disease Control
UVM Health Network
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital
World Health Organization

Questions? Email or call us.