Messages of Appreciation

staff group photo
Photo taken prior to the pandemic.

Every time I place an online order or shop in person at the Hunger Mountain Co-op, I am reminded of the staff, employees, and friends that have kept this community going every day through this pandemic year. The Co-op is an essential community resource, and I know that I speak for its 10,000 members in wishing to acknowledge the incredible service we have received from staff this year on the front lines. They have had to work through unknown health concerns, maintaining consistency through shortages, and helping to keep our community safe and sound. Like teachers and other essential workers, Hunger Mountain Co-op employees continue to provide these services without advanced access to a vaccine or any special acknowledgment.

For this reason, the Co-op’s Council is reaching out to the community to collect appreciative comments in gratitude for what the staff has provided all of us this year. We would love to hear from you in writing, or in a short video message, if you are able to. Comments are being collected at the general Co-op email address. Go here to upload a short video message. Your message of appreciation will be shared in upcoming staff meetings, eNewsletters, and on social media.


Eric Jacobson,
Council President

Best tips for a quality video

  • Record holding your device horizontal/landscape
  • Find a quiet, light place
  • Plan out what you’d like to say or make some notes include introducing yourself (just your first name is fine), and sharing how long you’ve been a member
  • We hope to get a lot of videos, so please try to keep it shorter than 30 seconds