Employee Appreciations

As with many businesses and organizations, this past year has been incredibly challenging for our cooperative. Last March, we saw an unprecedented spike in shopping accompanied by severe shortages in the supply of certain products and a great deal of uncertainty. As things stabilized, we adapted to new information and expectations and established new programs to meet the challenges. As the saying goes, change has been the constant. The busy November and December holidays were particularly challenging as we worked to balance safety with meeting our community’s needs.

Throughout this experience, our employees have met the moment. They have worked hard, under new circumstances, with flexibility and grace, all at unknown levels of risk to themselves and their loved ones. We owe Co-op staff our ongoing gratitude for helping to keep us well-fed and safe. I am incredibly proud to be a member of this team.

The Co-op has done many things over the past year to thank our employees, including enhanced pay and benefits, free meals, gifts, and an extra paid holiday. Monday, February 22, is Employee Appreciation Day and we hope you will join our expression of thanks by emailing us your comments or uploading a short video. We will add your message to the chorus of appreciations that we are sharing with employees.

Thank you for supporting our staff and our co-op,

Kari Bradley, General Manager

Hello to all the Co-op employees,

Thank you for every minute of your time and your incredible, selfless efforts over the past year. We are so grateful to have access to the kind of food and products that have allowed us to weather this year of strange isolation with comforting meals. Even access to the basics wasn’t a given this year, and all of your dedication and care showed in everything you did to keep us all safe and connected to essential food and supplies. An extra shoutout to everyone involved with curbside pickup—you are organized, timely angels!

We are always proud to be (over six years) members of Hunger Mountain Co-op and want you all to know how much what you do matters to us, every day. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it.

Love to everyone—

The Aguayo family, Erin, Jose, Lucia, and Avram

Thank you for making the Co-op a haven where we can shop safely. It’s making all the difference.

K Schwartz & Gabriel Teran

Let’s hope that Co-op Workers are given Essential Worker status and vaccinations in a timely fashion.

Everyone at HMC works so hard to get food to us!

Best of Days,

David Hartnett

I am thoroughly amazed at how helpful staff are all the time. If I ask where something is, the staff member will always stop what they are doing and take me there.

I never experience this anywhere else.


I dearly love the co-op staff
They never fail
To make me laugh
Though I haven’t gone anywhere
In a year
The coop staff are always there
Providing comfort
Help and
Throughout the Chip and Wellness Aisles
My favorite stop
Is checkout though
Andrea told me how to make buttermilk
From lemons and milk
I know this last part doesn’t rhyme
But co-op folks
Are tres sublime!!!!

I love you all💛❤💜


Throughout this entire pandemic the greeters outside have met us with a smile (and yards of patience!) and for that I am grateful! While I’m sure it would have been easy to get frustrated standing out in the cold, rain, heat while wearing PPE and explaining the guidelines over and over again, the staff was so pleasant and professional!

I also have appreciated the updates via FPF from Stephani and on FB as well.

Thank you for feeding us and working so hard to keep us safe! 💜


Hi HMC folks,

I am so grateful to you for managing your work, keeping customers safe, and staying safe yourself this year. I am especially grateful to be able to do the curbside pickup. The people who have brought out my grocery bags and placed them in my trunk have been so cheerful and always say “Thank you”, even though THEY are doing ME the good turn.

Linda Suter

Dear Co-op Staff,

Thank you so much for keeping the co-op open throughout the pandemic, ensuring that our community has access to healthy, local and bulk foods. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! I feel very lucky to have the Co-op here and am deeply grateful for your willingness to keep coming back to work despite the difficulties and risks.

Emily G. Seifert
Montpelier, VT

From the very start of the pandemic the Co-op staff stepped up, immediately instituting safety precautions and wearing masks. Though not all shoppers were as diligent, I still felt safer at the Co-op than in other public spaces. Through this difficult year the staff has maintained their good humor and helpfulness. We are so lucky to have quality food available in a safe location with stellar personnel. Thank you, front line workers, you are so appreciated!

Morgan Irons
Calais, VT
(A member since the days of breakdown and distribution from the basement of the Unitarian Church, pre storefront.)

I will try to adequately express my appreciation for all of you at the Co-op, but I’m not sure that my words will capture the depth of my gratitude.

I see how hard you are all working to do your jobs under these unbelievable circumstances. At times, it must be stressful, and even frightening. Because of you, many of us in Central VT can feel safe while we shop for healthy food.

I am so impressed by the regular planning and implementation of new protocols. I especially like the occupancy counter (online and outside the entrance), the plastic barriers at checkout, and curbside shopping.

I have seen some unpleasantness from customers, but I hear SO MUCH praise for the Co-op and Co-op employees. I hope that you hear it too.


Kelly McCracken

Dear Staff,

I’m so glad someone thought to make this a community thank you! From the first days of the pandemic, you have kept us safe and fed; we even been able to wipe our bums because of you. I remember going into the Co-op early on, when the shelves were bare and staff was running around with sanitizer practically wiping up each footprint. I really felt taken care of. As time went by and some of that initial crazy fear subsided you kept working to refine procedures that would keep us all safe. Not too long ago, arriving at the Co-op one morning and finding staff parked in cardboard boxes outside to stay warm, my heart went out to you. You guys are not just my heroes. You are my superheroes. I half expect to walk in to find you all dressed in colorful tights with capes and eye masks to go with the Covid masks. You may not be able to leap buildings with a single bound, or see through walls, but you’re doing everything else! And I am grateful.


Dear Staff,

Thank you for the gracious way that you respond to disappointment when items are out of stock or no longer available. It’s probably a difficult aspect of your work on top of the hardship that you are bearing with this pandemic. Looking forward to better days! Hang in there!

Johanna Nichols (founding member)

Every time I shop at the Co-op I’m greeted by friendly staff. When I’m looking for a new product your staff happily shows me the product. The city of Montpelier is so blessed to have such an awesome place to shop.

Please thank all your staff for a job well done.

Joanne Zorzi

Good Morning,

One of the main reasons that I shop at the co-op is it’s employees. I don’t know everyone’s name and I do know what department they work.

Outside, the lady who monitors all incoming customers is truly a dedicated person. I am always greeted with a friendly “hello” and a brief chat about the weather, etc. In the deli, of course, I have my favorites and yesterday, there was a new face and she made me the most delicious sandwich. Coffee refills are always immediately taken care of cheerfully.

I don’t have much interaction with other departments except check out. Again, I have my favorites (don’t remember names) and will stand in their lane first. Express check out is my favorite.

Lee Wilschek

Please convey my deepest gratitude to your phenomenal staff for all they do for us, their loyal and appreciative customers. Thank you especially for the curbside pickup feature, so incredibly helpful during this time. Hunger Mountain Co-op is a treasure in our little city!


My dear check out people and stocking people and cooking people and those upstairs in the rabbit warren of food purveyor ship and personnel and building care.

Thank you. The reason I love the coop is because of the personality of the people who work there, as well the wisely chosen food for health and wellbeing.

I feel so grateful to be able to experience such a great super!!!🌹. market. I began with Erewhon in Boston when it first open…and been to a few others…

Hunger Mt Co-op is a great experience of people and food.

Much appreciation for you for all you are giving to your community.


I have been so thankful for the warmth and kind assistance provided by CO-OP staff through this whole pandemic. Whether it is the person monitoring the line outside, the one who helps me find the item I can’t locate, or the gentle and fun conversation with the cashiers. We come to you stressed out and tired, and leave feeling seen, connected, and grateful for all that we have to be thankful for. Good food, grown with love for people and planet, and a big team helping us get to our homes.

Thank you so much to the entire Hunger Mountain team!

With love,
Liza Earle-Centers

Dear People of the Co-op,

Chris and I thank you. We’ve appreciated HMC since we moved to Montpelier in 2013. We can’t imagine provisioning our home or connecting with our community without the Co-op.

Now we offer thanks with a wholly new intensity since the pandemic sent our high-risk household into lockdown.

There are the HMC faces we used to see and miss (please tell Kate T. that George sends regards to Martha). There are those who bring our orders to us curbside, with a system that staggered us with its fast appearance and effectiveness. Curbside staff was so apologetic when we had to wait while they re-shopped our order because it had gone into someone else’s trunk—my goodness, no worries; we’re just grateful for the groceries, and a little waiting is no problem. By phone and email, you’ve answered our questions and helped us return items and resolve issues. Many of you we’ve never seen or spoken with keep HMC humming along, a foundation of our sense of community here.

Chris and I are so grateful. Know that your work helps us every day. Thanks to you, even in these times, we have what we need. We will never forget that. And we wish you all that you need, and plenty of what you want.

Sheryl & Chris

I am so appreciative of the way the CO-OP has come up to the plate during the Covid-19 crisis. I hardly know where to begin. Early on last spring and summer it was the only store I felt safe to shop in. I am in my late 70s and am therefore vulnerable. Then when the more contagious variants arrived I switched to Curbside. The Curbside is such a blessing for us. I know when I order fresh produce that it will be high quality because that’s how you run that department. I don’t think I would dare to buy produce from another store without picking it out myself. And all of your staff are wonderful. They smile even with a mask on and are very polite when reminding customers to mind the 6-foot distance etc.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Blessings for all of you. You have done a fine job and are an asset to the community.

Judy Murphy

I love you so much. You make a little paradise here. Thank you for always being so helpful and kind.

I love the Co-op!! Thanks for creating a healthy shopping environment; for always being friendly and helpful; and for providing “high risk” hours and curb-side service. You all are terrific! I feel very fortunate to be an HMC member and regular shopper. Cheers!


To all the fabulous Co-op employees:

Thank you to everyone who has made Curbside Pickup work so seamlessly. I appreciate beyond measured each and every person who helped design and implement this process. It’s been such a gift to the community.

Also, thanks for taking personal risks to make sure that the community has access to healthy food. You are all amazing.

Thanks, danke, and merci!

M. Kadie Schaeffer
member since 1987

Thank you all for making the co-op the best place to shop during the Pandemic. I appreciate all you do to make my experience safe and pleasant, you go the extra mile with excellent customer service. Please take care of yourselves and be safe.

Joan Barrett

Thanks to everyone at the Co-op. You’ve made a bad year better!

Phil Morse

I always felt safe when shopping at the Co-op. The staff was always masked and circulating such that I could get help when I needed it and move along quickly. I knew the Co-op was taking my safety very seriously. I can’t thank the leadership and the staff enough!

Connie Colman


Hunger Mountain Co-op and staff got it right, from the very beginning of Covid-19 risk management.

The good choices for safe shopping from store population, social distancing, mask and hand sanitizer requirements, curb pickup (GREAT) have all made it easier for me and my family to shop safely. The staff has consistently performed so well under the added risks and pressure they are under to show up every day and handle the challenges of product procurement … especially in the early days of serious transport delays; as well as the safety protocols associated with food production, interaction with customers (cooperative ones and others) and stocking and cashiering. Training customers as staff was learning new routines as well. I especially appreciate the first hour to shop for seniors and immune compromised individuals. You have all done an incredibly good job, and I realize some have not responded to you with appreciation for your efforts and sacrifices. I am one of the majority of Hunger Mountain customers who are grateful for you.

I sincerely hope you and your families have remained safe and well.

Sherry Gary

Thank you to all the staff who made it possible for so many to continue to have a sense of normalcy during this last year. Your dedication and willingness to above and beyond is truly appreciated. It may seem like just the ‘weekly shop’, but for myself, yours are some of the few live voices I hear. So thank you again for being there and keeping the community alive in so many ways.

Darren Copple

Kudos to ALL staff members! You have made lemonade from lemons for the customers. The CO-OP was one of the first businesses to establish protocols at the beginning of the pandemic. Thanks for taking it seriously so soon. I have also appreciated your efforts to improve the protocols and adapt to the ever-changing requirements. Hooray for the electronic admission sign… and for finding ways for staff to not have to spend so much time in the elements. From policy makers to floor sweepers….thanks for a job well done!

Ruth Lehner

Curbside pickup has been fabulous. Thank you for doing all the extra work this entails. The employees cheerfully braving the cold to bring out our food deserve a big round of applause. You folks are the best. Thank you again.


I love Hunger Mountain Co-op employees! You have always been helpful when I shopped inside the store. And now that I’m laying low (65+ and those pesky underlying conditions), I’m using your curbside services and love it! I appreciate all of you so very much!

Thank you, thank you, thank you all!


Co-op staff have been AMAZING throughout the pandemic. Almost without exception, they’ve continued to be friendly and helpful despite masks, gloves, and exposure to risk. If there is any way to offer bonuses or extra days off to those who have continued on the job consistently, I would like to see that happen. I feel safer shopping here than anywhere else in central VT. Thank you!!!

Judith Hinds

Many, many heartfelt thanks to the staff of HMC. From those working outside in all kinds of weather monitoring the entry way and keeping the shopping carts clean, to the front end workers doing their best to communicate through plexiglass and masks, to staff restocking shelves and those behind the scenes in receiving and upstairs. Everyone contributes to our safety and to our comfort. The Co-op is the one place I feel I can safely do my grocery shopping. Thank you, thank you for being there, for giving your best, for looking out for everyone. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Karin Nissen, Montpelier

Thanks to the whole staff of HMC, those on the floor as well as those behind the scenes, for providing the safest-feeling shopping in Central VT, while remaining courteous and helpful. The clear policies regarding store capacity, mask-wearing, and consideration for each other (the “Code of Conduct”) have helped me to feel comfortable shopping at the store throughout the pandemic. I have taken advantage of the Senior (etc.) Shopping hours sometimes, but the regular hours still feel safe.

I hope that shoppers have been as nice to staff as staff is to customers, you all deserve commendations for your service in dangerous times, for the vital products you sell and your grace under pressure!

Tim Swartz
Member # 3477
Alumnus of Boston Food Co-op Staff 1977-1978

To all who work at the Hunger Mountain Co-op—in all capacities—

We send our great appreciation and admiration for all you have done and have risked during the pandemic. The HMC Curbside program is so well run and, of course, COVID conscious, helping all who work and shop at the Co-op. We are aware that Co-op staff are putting themselves at greater risk to contracting COVID than most people. And encounters with the helpful and cheerful staff keep us going!

The HMC is an indispensable community institution for which we are ever grateful!!

Cynthia and David Hartnett

Thank you grocery heroes!

Roberta and Peter Downey

Hunger Mountain Coop is the most COVID-safe retail space we know of—and we really appreciate that.
Thanks for being there every day!

Paula & Al Kaiman, Members

Just my note of thanks for all the staff, volunteers, and council members in appreciation for their continued efforts to make so much available to us in the selections of products, for the cleanliness, the quick adaption and introduction of new safety needs, the patience and their courtesy and willingness to assist that is still clearly present every day, in this anything but normal time.


I just want to add my thanks– to you and all the staff at Hunger Mountain Co-op for the work you do to keep everyone safe and keep us hungry folks supplied! HMC is my “go-to” example of what every store should be doing during this pandemic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Warmest regards,

Lynn Jeffery, 4779

Dear Hunger Mountain staff,
My husband, Bill Cecil and I are extremely grateful for your curbside pick-up and for selecting produce that is lovely. We have only shopped curbside since last March. We miss shopping ourselves though and bringing our two Therapy Dogs of Vermont to visit with folks outside. Calypso and Ariel weren’t “on duty” when they came to the Co-op, but they miss life the way it was also.
THANKS for all you have done to make life fun and delicious!!!

Cheryl Chittick and Bill Cecil

A huge THANK YOU to all Co-op employees. This is my go-to grocery store and have experienced nothing but kindness, professionalism, and helpfulness from every employee not just this past year, but always! A special thank you to KATE who always makes a mean Vermont Mi sandwich!
Best to all,

Audrey Famette

Dear Co-op Staff:
I (and my mom Joan) would not have weathered the pandemic as well as we have without the Co-op and it’s incredibly dedicated, brave, and resilient staff. Thank you all for every little and big thing you have contributed to our collective survival. Stay well – we need you!

Andrea Stander

We just want to say “Thank You” so much to all of the employees at HMC. Even though we cannot “hang out” like we used to with our friends in the cafe, or chat in the aisles or even hug a friend when we see him/her, your familiar faces—the heart of HMC have remained a constant.

It has been amazing to see you all working tirelessly every day to make us (the customers) feel as welcome as possible. We don’t know how you all keep doing it and in such good cheer with those mask on all day long! Perhaps you are “just doing your job” or “acting” or “pretending to be just fine” and “oh, so happy to help”.. well all I can say is … your doing it/ did it and it takes talent and a huge heart and positive attitude to do it.

Thank you, Thank you for creating a safe and friendly environment for us.

It has made all the difference in our lives. We feel a bit spoiled by you and certainly blessed that we have all of you… kind, considerate and devoted people to serve us, your community. Please know how much you have made a difference! We will get through this together and especially because you all care!

Much love and gratitude,

Randy and Katie Back

Dear Hunger Mountain Co-op staff,
Amazingly, you have continued to be helpful, courteous, upbeat and flexible during this year of upheaval and change. We’ve shopped with you more and more as you have kept the shelves stocked, offered curbside pickup, cleaned carts, and innovated in ways we don’t even see. We love the online and window customer people counter, so we know when to pop down to shop.

You are the best!
Much gratitude,

Fran Dodd

To All that have worked through this crazy and hard pandemic year,
As a longtime customer/member, there were changes to the store for sure. But my experience shopping was so little changed thanks to all of your thoughtfulness and efforts. Thank you for your incredible intrepidness in the face of so many unknowns. You all are rock stars!!!
I am grateful beyond words!

Kathy Meyer

A message of appreciation:

To the extraordinary Hunger Mountain Co-op Crew! Thank you for braving this unprecedented year with dedication, ingenuity, selflessness, and a smile. We do not take your willingness to come to work each day lightly. You are truly the heroes of our community.

Shoaff Family

Thank you Hunger Mountain Co-op staff for stepping up to the plate and providing continued thoughtful, conscientious service to your customers, your vendors, and to the greater community. You are one of Montpelier’s greatest assets.
It is always a pleasure to shop at the Co-op – that’s because of you, and we’re not just saying that. That’s the reality! Thank you.

Kate Porter and Tucker Riley

I didn’t get the “memo” till I got home after shopping at the Co-op today so I could not give a shout out to everyone, but I so appreciate you all and all you have been doing to keep me going with your healthful offerings. There is so much. I come every week on Monday to get my wonderful, succulent, big roast organic chicken and my other groceries. The first thing I do is go to the deli to get my special wrap. I have tons of food allergies and intolerances, so I just order the same thing every time. Nancy has it memorized and others always remember my name. One person always goes to check to see when the chickens will fly out. I look so forward to seeing them all every week. Moreover, everything on the shelves and displays are well-stocked and artfully arranged. I can always find what I want and need in a minimum of time. There are certain supplements that are readily available that I have not seen elsewhere. Everyone is so respectful of each other and keeping distance when walking around. It is often the most relaxing outing I have in my week.

Through the years, I have gotten to know some people a little who work at the registers. There is one young man, Jared, who was always so personable as my husband and I would check out. As he rang us up, we would chat about sports. My husband, who had dementia, would always enjoy seeing him, although he could not really participate in the conversation. They become fond of each other. My husband is no longer with us, but the memory of that is such a joy to me every time I encounter Jared. There was another person, Nettie, who worked at the café check out a lot. She always remembered my customer number and called it out before I could say anything. We always had a good laugh at that–she never once got it wrong.

The Co-op was an incredible help for me while my husband was declining. We would often stop in late in the day and get some food for dinner from the hot and salad bars. I truly don’t know how I would have held up if I had not had this default–there were days when I was just all in, and you enabled me to get a good, healthful meal for us both. The other thing that was always such a help to me is that you are just the right size and configuration so if I got separated from him because I was buzzing around finding things, I could easily find him just wandering around. He felt so comfortable in your surroundings that he never got anxious if he found himself separated from me. He used to do the shopping before his illness, so I think it felt like another home to him.

I just wanted you to know how much of an impact you all have on the lives of two of your customers. I so appreciate it.


Paula Gills, 2110

Thank you to every Hunger Mountain Co-op employee–the department and store managers, the checkout staff, the stockers, the folks on the floor and behind the scenes–all who all have kept the co-op open for all of us during this pandemic. I salute your bravery (for it takes real courage and stamina to continue to work while facing the chance of being infected by an invisible and possibly lethal virus) and your persistence. I hope that management has made it possible for each of you to be able to take more time off to replenish your emotional and physical resources without having to sacrifice needed income.

I also applaud the serious steps you have taken to ensure the safety of our member shoppers as well as the staff–mandatory mask-wearing (anti-maskers politely but firmly turned away before they even reach the door), sanitizing carts, enforcing distancing measures (as best as possible in the twisting aisles), and installing plastic partitions between cashiers and customers.

I’d hug each of you, but it’s forbidden, so accept these virtual hugs for now!

At 72 I’m off to get my first COVID vaccination on March 10 (the earliest appointment available right now). Doing my part to keep myself well and stop the spread to anyone else.

Barbara Burnett

Hello Hunger Mountain!
I have been shopping with you for a very long time and have been so struck during this pandemic era by the work effort of your employees and the kindness, whether to help me as a vender in delivery or in the store to find something or even taking a little time to chat. I especially appreciate everyone in your wellness department, the deli and all who man the registers which are big jobs interfacing with the public. I consider each of the employees in the Hunger Mountain family essential workers and am eternally grateful for their commitment to keep working. I have been able to continue to shop feeling safe and yet connected to the Co-op.

Thank you,

Marie Frohlich

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the very hard-working Hunger Mountain Co-op employees. You all have been the backbone of our community, showing immense bravery and patience through this difficult year. Since becoming sick with Lyme disease in 2015, I always hold Hunger Mountain co-op employees in my heart with deep appreciation because of the healthy food options, the ready to eat food when I am too sick to cook for myself, and the kind staff that always helps with bagging groceries and now car pick up. You are literally my lifeline.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Lindsey Warren

Many, many thanks to the coop employees who have made shopping safe and healthy food plentiful during the pandemic. The curbside pickup program is an especially generous effort to keep the community safe. Coordinating an online order database with live inventory and devoting staff time to picking and packing is a huge effort, and I am deeply grateful. Thank you, HMC employees!

Alex Brown

As a “Life-time Member of the Hunger Mountain Food Cooperative”, though currently living (out of family necessity), in Massachusetts, I cannot praise you all enough for the amazing work you have managed to do (especially during this difficult Covid time!!!)!!!

Sharing with all members (who treasure your News updates) and those of us who cannot be there to enjoy your wonderful food and goods, knowing that my friends and former neighbors contribute to your being able to sustain people in need, I want you ALL to know how delighted this person is to be part of that thriving and most important Community Resource!!!

a most grateful Deborah Gorsline

I hope it’s not too late to express my great appreciation for all that the entire staff have been doing every day since the pandemic took over our world.

I use the curbside shopping every week and it has become the most important aspect of my food shopping! It’s a fantastic thing you’ve built and I appreciate both what went into that creation and what is involved in keeping it running do beautifully.

When I do have to do some in-store shopping (bulk, vitamins, etc.) or call with a question or request, I am always impressed with the positive spirit and courage of everyone with whom I come in contact. That really helps me to keep going, myself.

The Co-op has risen to the challenges of these tough times, offers a wonderful service and has become a much stronger and more meaningful community for it!

Thank you all so much!

Diane Sophrin

Dear Co-op Staff,

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who work so hard to keep things going even in the most challenging times. I know that sometimes it is difficult to keep a smile, but I do really appreciate your efforts. You are performing a wonderful service for our community, and you deserve to be well rewarded for all the good work you do.

Numa Haase

This old mare
With grey hair
Just wants to share
THANKS! with the rare
And wonderful folks who care
At the Co-op- their
Patience never seems to wear
No matter how much they have to bear.
May we all enjoy fair
Weather and maskless air
REAL soon- where?
At the Co-op, in Montpelair!


Judith Baldwin

Deeply grateful to all Co-op employees for their dedication, hard work, and presence during these difficult times (and for all times). Today I feel a particular gratitude to the people who shop for me (for curbside shopping) and pack up my groceries and bring them out to my car and for the people who update and maintain the online shopping store. Please know that your work is so appreciated and valued.
All my best,


We ❤️ the curbside crew!!
So cheerful and helpful!

Greg and Tammy Wight

Dear Coop Staff,
I have been using the curb side pick up since you started it and I cannot tell you how impressed I am with all you do, and how helpful it is! Bless you, thank you, for all your hard, well done work and kindness!

Tamar Cole

A HUGE shout of thanks to ALL Co-op employees for being AMAZING!!!!! The rare, fleeting moments I get to come into the Co-op are some of my favorite moments of the week. Seeing you gives me a flash of normalcy, and I value this touchstone in the community SO MUCH!!!
Big Huge Hearts to All of You!!!

Sarah Lipton

Dear Everyone at Hunger Mountain,

I really appreciate all the ways that you have, individually and collectively, bent over backwards to keep things safe for all of us who count on the Coop. There has never been a time, in all these months, when I have felt at risk when I’ve come to the Co-op. Thank you for your thoughtful and conscientious responses to this challenging situation we’ve been dealing with together for almost a year, and for the good cheer you have consistently offered, in the midst of it all. You’re the best!

With gratitude and warmest wishes,

(Grateful member #1768)

Special thanks and appreciation for all those who make the curb side pickup work so smoothly, from the website to the order filling to the outside delivery.
Thank you so much!

Ellen Seeger

The deli staff made my day one day last week! I requested my sandwich to be cut in fours. Imagine my delight when I unwrapped my grilled cheese to find 4 triangles. No rectangles. How creative. Tasty too.

Hope Crifo

I would like to thank the HMC employees for their dedication to serving the public during this pandemic year. I do most of my grocery shopping at the coop and it has been a tremendous relief that you have been at the forefront of practicing social distancing, mask wearing, etc. , while keeping the Co-op open for business.

Stay safe and be well,

Phyllis Rubenstein
Coop Member 1720

Thanks to all for going above and beyond in order to serve customers during the pandemic. I appreciate your dedication!

Barbara Nielsen