Specialty Meat Orders

easter ham

Now through Monday, March 22, we will be taking orders for specialty meats to complete your holiday meal plans.

Hams will be available from North Country Smokehouse, a local producer in Claremont, NH, with a mission to “support culinary excellence by hand crafting artisanal smoked meats with exceptional flavor, premium ingredients, respect for livestock, and the land.” Hams are maple-cured and smoked.

Bone-In HalfApproximately 8–10 lbs$8.49/lb
Bone-In WholeApproximately 16–20 lbs $8.49/lb
Boneless HalfApproximately 4 lbs $8.99/lb
Boneless WholeApproximately 8–9 lbs $8.99/lb
Spiral Cut HalfApproximately 8–10 lbs$9.99/lb

Lamb will be available from a local farm, Sheep Meadow Farm in Danville, VT, where they have a herd of Katadhin sheep who are raised on hay and pasture as much as possible and are moved to a new pasture daily. Limited availability.

Bone-In LegApproximately 6 lbs$12.99/lb
Boneless LegApproximately 5 lbs$13.99/lb
8-Rib Racks, Cap OffApproximately 1.5 lbs$13.99/lb

Place your holiday ham or lamb orders now through Monday, March 22. Orders can be placed at the Customer Service Desk between 9 am – 7 pm or by calling us at (802) 262-3230.