Co-op Safety Practices Council Resolution Statement

On Monday, June 7, the Hunger Mountain Co-op’s Council voted unanimously to adopt the following resolution in support of continuing the Co-op’s safety practices.

Hunger Mountain Co-op Council Resolution

The Hunger Mountain Co-op Council understands we all face a confusing landscape of masking expectations.

The Council resolves to support the General Manager and Co-op employees in operating the Co-op based on policy that includes understanding the risk to our community of employees, members, shoppers, and local vendors.

The Co-op closely monitors county and state new COVID case data in addition to vaccination rates. Here is a little more information on how the Co-op views this topic and where we see things going:

The Montpelier city ordinance that requires masks indoors is still in effect through June 15th. While it’s possible Governor Scott may end the state of emergency before then, it is worth keeping in mind the Co-op has been advised that a mask requirement is prudent given OSHA’s mandate to provide a safe workplace generally and specifically as a COVID-19 prevention program and is awaiting further interpretation of OSHA regulations.

Why not let those of us who are fully vaccinated shop and work without masks? As a community hub and busy retail store, we need people to feel comfortable here, whether shopping or working. For over a year now, we have been largely successful in preventing mass spread of COVID in large part because of masks. Let’s continue for a while longer and finish the job.

The Co-op will be making changes over the coming weeks and you can stay up to date by reading the eNews, following us on social media and checking the web site. Questions and comments can be e-mailed to or

Thank you for everything you are doing to keep yourself and our community safe. Thank you for supporting our co-op.

Hunger Mountain Co-op Council

Dr. Eric Jacobson, President
Eva Schectman, Vice President
Deb Robinson, Treasurer
Steven Farnham, Secretary
RJ Adler
Olivia Dunton
Catherine Lowther
Jen Porrier
Andrew Sullivan
Rachel Andreyev, Staff Representative